Is Kindle Oasis Really Better Than All-New Paperwhite?

Kindle-Paper-White-Vs-Kindle-OasisHolding your whole library of books in the palm of your hand has been a reality for many years now.

Since the first e-reader debuted, the range of devices up for grabs has continued to grow. While you are spoiled for choice, the best of the best e-reader manufacturers has to be Amazon with its unbeatable line of Kindles.

Of course, which Kindle you should buy is largely dependent on your personal preferences.

Luckily, this article will help you determine the Kindle that you need by comparing a pair of awesome Kindles, Kindle Oasis and  Kindle Paperwhite.

The Specs: Kindle Oasis

kindle-oasis-2At 3.4 mm thick, this is Amazon’s smallest e-reader, but don’t let the size fool you. It is so light too at just 4.6 ounces that you might as well be holding a piece of paper, ideal for those prolonged reading sessions.

There’s a charging case thrown in for your added convenience. Oasis has the longest battery life of any Kindle. There are additional backlights for enhanced lighting, and the resolution is 300 pixels per inch. Amazon has really gone above and beyond what you might expect from an e-reader.

Kindle Oasis uses the current Kindle operating system which has made it easier than ever to adjust settings or access the books you want to read. There are also now page-turning buttons.

The appearance of the Oasis is kind of lopsided upon first glance but once you begin to use the device, you’ll see why it was designed that way. There’s more space on the left side of the device for your hand to grip it one-handed as you read. This is a wonderful addition if you’ve previously struggled with your hand hitting the screen and changing the view unexpectedly. With this new arrangement, the device is ideal whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. It simply adjusts automatically to however you hold it.



Reading on this device is very different from reading on a tablet or your cell phone. The E Ink display is unparalleled in terms of both readability and aesthetics. It truly is a pleasure to hold and read.

With the leather charging case (and all that extra battery power), it can last up to eight weeks on standby. It will see you good for many lengthy reading sessions without fumbling for the charger.

The Specs: All-New Kindle Paperwhite

kindle-paperwhiteEnjoying a recent increase in screen resolution (now 300 pixels per inch), Kindle Paperwhite is a great e-reader at a very keen price point.

The basic makeup has undergone its first change in some time with the all-new Paperwhite now thinner than ever before while also enjoying an improved flush screen.

The great thing about the increase in resolution is how stark the ink looks when it shows words and images on this device. You can also load plenty of books and other media with its old 4GB of internal storage now uprated to 8GB.

The backlighting makes it look like you’re reading from a paper book for the purists out there.

Flipping between pages using the touch screen is quick and seamless apart from your finger occasionally bumping the edge of the beveled screen.

Kindle Paperwhite WI-Fi
Kindle Paperwhite WI-Fi + 3G

Battery life is pretty decent with Kindle Paperwhite too. You’ll get up to 8 weeks on a full charge. This translates to charging up far less frequently than with a normal tablet. Speaking of charging, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter but has a microUSB charger instead.

You’ll  enjoy the improved screen most of all with this model, especially if you’ve ever used any of the Kindle’s previous models and the full waterproofing is a great touch.

The E Ink used to display images and text puts Paperwhite head and shoulders above most tablets and other e-readers because you can use it in direct sunlight. That means you can slip the slimline device in your bag as you head for a beach vacation and catch up on all the reading you don’t get time for at home.

With all-new Paperwhite 2018, you’ll also be able to listen to audio books.

For the price, you’re getting all the functionality of pricier e-readers without needing to dig so deep.

Oasis vs All-New Paperwhite

You have to ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for an e-reader and how much you’re prepared to pay for what features.

One of the biggest niggles of the Kindle Oasis is the relatively high asking price for a straight-up e-reader. If you’re looking for a solid, basic e-reader at a decent price, you should go for the Paperwhite.

However, if your budget is a little more fluid, Kindle Oasis has the advantages of a uniform backlight, easy grip area, page-turning buttons and the charging case.

The best e-reader is definitely the Kindle Oasis, but if you’re budget conscious, the Kindle Paperwhite is not a disappointment by any stretch of the imagination.

The Paperwhite has the same resolution as the more expensive tablet, boasts outstanding battery life, and is incredibly light to hold.

What’s more, you can easily take this to the beach without having to worry about direct sunlight or any splashes of water.

In Summary

Reading books on tablets and phones is not a pleasing experience because of how harsh text looks on the bright white screen. Thankfully, E Ink technology makes Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite a pleasure to read on even for extended periods.

The battery life with either device will astonish you and might even encourage you to read more, perhaps picking up those e-books left languishing on your Kindle shelves.

There are certainly some advantages to the Kindle Oasis

The added battery power in the case is a major draw, particularly if you use the Oasis while traveling. The lopsided design is another plus if you enjoy reading one-handed. However, the price is rather high for an e-reader.

The much cheaper Kindle Paperwhite commands impressive battery power, E Ink technology, a sound enough backlight and 300 pixels per inch resolution. The basics and a few nice extras are all there in this cheaper model and it is still far superior to any other manufacturer’s e-reader when it comes to battery life, readability, and function. In its new guise, all-new Paperwhite is waterproof, too.

Reading on Kindle Paperwhite will look pretty much the same as it does on Kindle Oasis, perhaps with only a marked difference in the quality and amount of back lighting present.

Amazon makes fantastic e-readers either way you look at it, but in the end, Paperwhite is really the best overall option.

Drop us a line if you would like assistance with anything Kindle-related and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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  1. Oasis says it has an adaptive light sensor; is the lighting superior to the paperwhite to the degree that I should spend double the price? and what kind of warranties are on these readers? (a 3 year warranty on the Oasis is another $40 – good idea or not necessary?


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