Amazon Fire HD 6: An Excellent Budget Friendly Tablet

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When Amazon released the new Kindle Fire HD 6, a tablet, a month ago, I was more curious than excited. I must also admit that such a low price made me perk my ears too. Amazon released their first tablet way back in 2011 and I never paid much attention then. This time, I decided to check it out, and this is an exclusive Kindle Fire HD 6 review.

FIRE HD 6 (8 GB)
FIRE HD 6 (16 GB)

What Does Amazon’s New Tablet Kindle Fire HD 6 Offer?

Right Size, Decent Display, and Varied Colors

The Kindle Fire HD 6’s size stands at 6.7″ x 4.1″ x 0.4″ (169 mm x 103 mm x 10.7 mm), big enough to settle comfortable on your hands and easy to the eyes.

It comes in a 6″ (inch) high definition touchscreen; 1280×800 resolution at 252 ppi (pixels per inch), video playback up to 720p, with IPS (in-plane switching) technology and advanced polarizing filter. For us, this would mean a good screen experience, clear and crisp videos, and Apps.

It is available in five different colors: Black, White, Cobalt, Magenta, and Citron. I am a sucker for colorful gadgets, makes it looks less alien and much friendlier to me. So, yes, this one definitely gets a good nod from me. 🙂 People who love sleek black or smart white are like, “Meh!”

Faster Processor than Kindle Fire HDfire_hd_6_inch                           

The Kindle Fire HD 6 comes with a Quad-Core: 2 @ 1.5 Ghz + 2 @ 1.2 GHz , with 1 GB of RAM. It may not be the fastest processor around, but it gets the job done pretty neatly. Compared to the older variants of Amazon tablets, like Kindle Fire HD, you will be able to see significantly improved performance in speed and much better graphics.

Huge Storage Space

Kindle Fire HD 6 comes with variants of 8 GB (4.5 GB available to user) or 16 GB (11.6 GB available to user) of internal storage. In addition to this, you get free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with this device or any Amazon device. This means you can save movies and TV shows all on the Cloud and just use the Wi-Fi to access them. Amazon has a strong roost in the Cloud world and this definitely is a wonderful additional perk for their customers, I like it!

Front and Rear Cameras

Amazon has played a lot of yo-yoing with the cameras for their tablets. Some generation of Kindle Fire did not have cameras, while some had only frontal cameras. I don’t know whether they have made up their mind finally or decided to make up for the versions that did not have cameras, but Fire HD 6 has both, a VGA front-facing camera and 2.0 MP rear-facing HD camera. The picture quality is not all that great, but don’t worry, you will be able to take those selfies quite decently—I do wonder, who take photo’s with tablets anyway?

Great Battery Life

I think one of the niches Amazon has carved for themselves among gadgets is the long battery life. A lot of companies promise long lasting batteries for their products, Amazon delivered them. The Fire HD 6 is not different either; it has a great battery life. You can stream videos or browse around for 7 hours on a full charge; according to Amazon, it goes up to 8 hours depending on usage—that is almost half of your waking hours. Minus the lunch, dinner, and other human-life charades, you can spend a day on this tablet without charging. That is just awesome!

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

Amazon has this new feature coming as a service, the option to link two Amazon accounts and share books, games, apps, and Prime Instant Video content across all devices in the household. This is a welcome initiative and I am really excited to see what it is actually like.

To me, it also seems like Amazon really care about how our modern-technology-crazed families can be brought together thorough technology. Grown-ups are one nosy bunch of people, but I suppose that is because they care about their young ones. With Amazons new feature Amazon FreeTime, you can create profiles and set screen time limits for your children. A great way to ensure that your children are not overspending their time on the tablet, yet still take advantage of the benefits of using a tablet. Plus, your young ones will not feel as if they are being constantly monitored by this “uncool” grownup.

Is Kindle Fire HD 6 Also Suitable for Reading?

While you can definitely read, Kindle HD 6 is not made exclusively for reading. The experience may not be so different from reading on your laptop or your other tablets and phablets. Of course, the size and weight is much more friendlier, and you can read in any position you want; lying down on your back, flat on your stomach, crouched in a corner, lazily on the couch, or whatever, I am not here to judge. However, if you are looking at something primarily for reading, I would suggest the new Kindle Voyage or Kindle Paperwhite. Nothing beats the experience of reading on Kindles that have been fine-tuned for reading.

Is Kindle Fire HD 6 Worth Its Price?

Definitely, yes! this one is a steal. What was I expecting? Honestly, something much shabbier. The features are excellent for its price, Apple’s iPad mini is definitely not three times better than the Kindle Fire HD 6. I don’t think you will get many tablets, if any at all, that are better than this in the market for this price. Also, because of the friendly pricing, I won’t cry my eyes out if I lose it or panic if I forget it in a friend’s house; I cannot guarantee though, relationship with personal possessions are complicated. 🙂


I still remember watching Taken, the movie, on a PSP way back in 2008, and I thought to myself how awesome it would be to be able to watch anything on the go without lugging a laptop around. That was before everyone had a tablet and was a time when people with tablets were considered rich. Since then, the world of tablets has grown enormously and I think that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD 6 is a wonderful addition to the legacy of tablets. If you have never owned a tablet before, this one may be a good one to start with; for the price Amazon is offering, you won’t be sorry both experience and quality wise.



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