Kindle Tablet or E-Reader? The Big Dilemma Solved

Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Comparison

Many people complain that their e-book readers cannot be used for browsing the Internet or checking email. Others are happy with their tablet but claim it lets them down in terms of raw reading experience. As the saying goes, you … Read more

How to Set Up the New Kindle Family Library

Kindle Family Library Setup

After grueling years of being unable to share books even with your spouse or siblings regardless of the number of Kindles and Amazon devices people own, things have changed… Finally, sharing books is now possible through the Family Library. How … Read more

10 Must-Have Apps For Your Fire Tablet

Most gadgets are only as good as the apps they can support. This is especially true for tablets. We bring to you 11 of the best apps for your Fire tablet in no particular order of merit.

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