How to Reset Kindle Fire Password Without Losing Data

We have so many devices these days from smart phones and tablets to e-readers and laptops.

With these devices comes a serious drawback: needing to remember all those passwords!

Fortunately, if one of those devices is an Amazon Kindle Fire, resetting your password is straightforward.

How about all your data, though? Is this safe when you reset your Fire password? Read on to find out!

How to Reset Kindle Fire Password Without Losing Data

Now, if you’ve forgotten your security password, you’ll need to restore the factory settings on your device.

With the factory reset performed, you’ll then be required to re-register using your Amazon credentials. You can then sync your Fire with your account in order to restore any saved items like e-books or audiobooks.

While your data will be restored, you’ll need to download any apps again. This is a minor gripe if you get your data back.

Now, if you can remember your password and you just need to reset it, this is simple.

  • Tap the Quick Settings icon on the home screen then tap More to access Additional Settings
  • Hit Security then Lock Screen Password
  • Input your existing password
  • Enter your new password then click Finish

We understand you may have lost the password completely, so here’s where the factory reset comes in.

How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire

Now, if you’re unable to remember the password you used for Kindle Fire, you’ll need to dive in and perform a factory reset.

Fortunately, this is not so hard.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wake your Kindle by pressing the Power You’ll be prompted to enter your password. After 4 incorrect attempts, you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to reset Kindle Fire to its factory settings
  • Hit OK to reset Fire
  • Connect to WiFi and register your device again. Use your existing Amazon credentials

You’ll need to make sure your Kindle is charged when you’re performing a factory reset. It’s a good idea to plug it in just to play it safe.

What If You Don’t Remember Your Amazon Credentials?

Perhaps you have also lost your Amazon details.

Don’t panic!
Just attempt to log in and then click Forgot Username/Password after a couple of failed attempts. Amazon will email your credentials.

Final Thoughts

If you arrived here today wondering how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data, you should now be clear on how to make that happen seamlessly.

Aside from the slight inconvenience of needing to download any applications again, you should be safe when it comes to your purchases.

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