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it's a little smaller than i expected but I love it. Easy to take along to read anywhere while i wait. Love it and all my books!


Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" Pros

  • Designed specifically for readers – The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is designed for reading purposes and if you are a person who loves reading, you can think of purchasing this e-reader without any doubts. You will not get any push notifications or email alerts while you are reading books.
  • Impressive battery life – The battery life of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" can last for several weeks with average use. Therefore, you will even be able to take it when you are traveling without the hassle of constantly digging out chargers and finding outlets.
  • Realistic display (paper) – The display of this e-reader looks realistic (paper) and you can get the same experience of reading a paperback book. That’s because Kindle uses an innovative technology that is based on propriety ink particles. The hand built fonts also play a major role behind the realistic view offered to the users.
  • Light weight design –The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is lighter than most of the eBook readers available on the market. Therefore, you will not have to face any discomfort while holding it on your hand, even after several hours.
  • Easy on the eyes - Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" does not come with a traditional LCD display which requires your eyes to adjust when you switch from a bright screen to a dimmer one and is hard on your eyes. In contrast, the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is designed to maintain the same level of brightness throughout use and you will not have to worry about any of those eye straining adjustments. In addition, you are provided with 8 different font sizes to select from to ease usefulness and customize the interface.
  • Flip through without losing – The page flip feature will assist you to navigate through different pages without losing your exact reading position.
  • Enhanced search function – When you want to look for a specific word, you just need to search for it. This will direct you to its’ exact position.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" Cons

  • Does not support media content – The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is not compatible with any media content aside from certain text documents. As discussed below, this is both a positive and a negative as it allows for dedicated, undisturbed reading but does not allow too wide of a use.
  • Slow navigation - Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is not as responsive as some of the high end e-readers available on the market. It may take few moments for you to open a new eBook or to move to the next page, and while not prohibitive, it may be worth looking a bit up market  if you are the type of person this nuance, although small, would bother.


Reading is a passion for many people who live in every corner of the world. Most of these people have traditionally relied on conventional books for reading, but the development of technology has changed this trend especially as people find it difficult to carry their books wherever they go. This has created an ideal case for the development of e-readers.

A large number of top brands in the world manufacture e-readers, but Amazon has prominent place of all the offerings on the market. The first ever Amazon e-reader was released in 2007 and is still the most popular e-reader at the moment. Amazon, who sells the world’s best e-readers, went through some significant transformations throughout the past few years and the current iteration of the Kindle E-Reader 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display holds a prominent place out of all offerings.

The new Amazon kindle comes along with a 6 inch display and a brand new touch interface. In other words, you will not be able to find the conventional button system, which was there in the previous version and used for navigation purposes. It is extremely easy to navigate through the interface with this new feature and it delivers a more fluid reading experience to the users. In addition, it is equipped with many other impressive features, which are specifically designed to make life easy for readers.

The built-in dictionary and specified text are perfect examples of how this makes reading not only easier, but better.  If you come across any difficult word while reading, you can simply look for its definition, right on your kindle, without much hassle. The glare free display has also contributed towards the popularity of this e-reader as it looks like a regular paperback, even in direct sunlight. This new edition of kindle is small and it is a light weight product. Therefore, you will be able to carry it in your pocket and travel with it wherever you need to go.


The new Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6” has the same user friendly design, which was present on its’ predecessor. In other words, it will look like an old favorite book that you love to read again and again. If you are upgrading to this from a previous version, you will feel right at home. The dimensions of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" measure 6.7*4.7*0.4 in inches, so it is a slimmer, smaller and portable e-book reader than most of the portable e-readers available on the market. It also weighs in very light at only 6.7 ounces.

The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6” can deliver a comfortable experience while you are reading and the ambient light is more than enough for you to read during day time, but it does not have any backlighting so outside lighting is required if reading at night.

The new Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”  has been provided with a very plain design. The frame is made out of plain black colored plastic and you will be able to see the Amazon logo on the rear side. The design of this e-reader does not have any outstanding features and it is just a plain plastic product. However, the developers have provided a durable construction to the e-reader and the rear side is slightly curved to deliver a comfortable experience to your hands.

Therefore, you will even be able to hold the e-reader with one of your hands without much hassle. The bezels are large enough to cater all your comfort requirements, so you will not have to touch the screen unintentionally. In addition, you will not experience any arm strains while you are reading with it since it is so light.

Interface and Performance

As per Amazon, the new Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is 20% faster than the previous model. Therefore, you will be able to experience a significant improvement of the performance in it compared to the previous version. The e-reader is pretty responsive when compared to its predecessors and you will not experience any significant delay when turning pages or interacting with its’ interface. This will keep you away from all the issues that are associated with typing and you will not have to go through the hassle of lag related typos.

Even though the new Kindle is generally more responsive than its’ predecessors, it is still not quite as high speed as the higher end e-reader offerings. It will still take a moment to turn pages and open a new eBook, however, there aren’t any massive delays and the ones that are present aren’t quite long enough to get frustrating nor even bothersome.

The interface of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is reasonably good. It will automatically put your eBooks on front and center them. You will be able to sort the books with the title or author as per your specific requirements. This e-reader delivers a pretty good layout as well. It will deliver the cover art of each book and if you don’t want to see it, you can always switch to a list view.

You will also be able to switch between the eBooks that are stored inside your reader. In addition, you can access the books that are stored in your cloud storage by tapping on the top of your screen. Reading the screen or accessing the store is extremely easy and you will be able to see permanent icons on the top of the interface. These icons will disappear when you head into a new book, but they can easily be revealed again by simply tapping on the top of display.

The advertisements in Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" are conveniently placed and you will not be distracted with them. The recommended books will appear at the bottom of the home screen and if you don’t want to see them, you can simply disable this function. The developers of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" have made it easy for the users to access the airplane mode as well. If you want to increase the battery life and don’t want to stay connected to your home Wi-Fi network at every time, you can simply turn on the airplane mode.

Battery Life

Many people who are interested in purchasing e-readers are extremely concerned about battery life. If you purchase the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”, you will not have to worry; it has more than enough battery life for you to read back to back books without any hassle. As per Amazon, a complete charge of the battery can last up to a period of four weeks, if you spend half an hour per day on reading with Wi-Fi off.

These figures are impressive when compared to other e-readers available out there on the market. Even if you leave Wi-Fi on, you will not have to face any major issues with the battery life. If you continuously read eBooks on your Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”, the battery life will drop to 50% after half a day. The battery life of the device is indicated in a convenient way as well. It is shown as the percentage instead of a bar. Therefore, you will be able to get a precise idea about the remaining battery life of the device.

Reading Experience

Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" delivers a brand new reading experience to the users with its new touchscreen. You will not have to press any buttons to turn pages as on the previous models. Therefore, you will not have to go through any of the old frustration of being stuck with those old fashioned push buttons while you are reading eBooks.

If you tap on the right hand side of your display, it will turn the next page. If you tap on the left most corner of your screen, you will be able to go to the previous page. The menu bar will appear once you tap on the very top of the screen. Once you get used to these basic features, you will not find any issues when reading your eBooks.

The touchscreen plays a major role in the extra features offered to the users of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”. For instance, if you want to look words up on the non-touchscreen model, you would have to navigate over them slowly. In the new Kindle, you will be able to get the definition of a word instantly by just need to long pressing the word.

The touchscreen will assist you when you are highlighting text because it allows you to simply tap and hold for few moments. In addition, it is easy to add a note as per your requirements with the help of touchscreen keyboard. These features have impressed a lot of students who are looking for a convenient method to study better.

The reading experience delivered by Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is almost identical to it’s predecessors. You can easily see how much you have read via a percentage indication; It will be shown in the bottom right hand corner of the display. On the other hand, you can get to know your exact location on the display via the bottom left hand corner of the display. It will also indicate the approximate time that will take for you to finish reading the book which is entirely based on your reading speed.

People who use Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" to read eBooks will be able to change the font size as well. In fact, you are provided with six different font styles and eight different font sizes. You will also be able to change the margins and line spacing according to your specific needs and requirements. It is easy to view your notes and highlights with user friendly controls.

Moreover, you will be able to jump from one chapter to another without much difficulty. The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" comes along with sharing options as well. This will assist you to post what you are reading to social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The users can switch between portrait and landscape mode as per their requirements. You can also search the entire book for a specific word.

Book Access

People who spend their money on e-readers are extremely concerned about ebook availability and storage options. You can find over 2.5 million eBooks in the Amazon Kindle store and you will be able to store a decent number of books on Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”. A variety of books are available for the users and they are divided into respective categories for the convenience of users. These books are marked at competitive prices as well. Therefore, you will not have to think twice when you are purchasing eBooks via Kindle store instead of physical books.

The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" becomes hard to resist with the touchscreen. You can easily navigate through the Kindle store and purchase your books. When you are not reading a book, you will be able to see a shortcut in the interface, which can be used to access the Kindle Store.

Even if you accidentally purchase a book while you are navigating through the store, you are provided with options to cancel the order with just a single tap. Users can also plug the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" to their personal computers and drag and drop books onto their device. It is compatible with a wide range of file formats including PDF, TXT and Mobi files.


Amazon has not included any media capabilities to the Kindle Reader 6. In other words, it is not compatible with any mp3 files, audiobooks or games. You will not be able to view any video content in this book either. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

While the e-reader does not double as a media device, besides those certain text documents, it is a dedicated reader. This not only rids you of any distractions outside of reading, but allows you to rest assured that every aspect of design was optimized for this single task and no trade-offs were made to support unneeded functions.

Final Words

If you are looking for a simple and affordable e-reader, you can think of spending your money on the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”. The addition of a touch screen to the original model has impressed users and it has played a major role behind the popularity of the new device. If you are looking for a user friendly e-reader with a touchscreen, Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6" is one of the best options available on the market. The plain and simple design can improve your reading experience, it will help you to use it with less hassle and you will be able to carry it just about wherever you go.

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