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it’s a little smaller than i expected but I love it. Easy to take along to read anywhere while i wait. Love it and all my books!

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Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ Pros

  • Designed specifically for readers – The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is expressly designed for distraction-free reading purposes You won’t get any push notifications or email alerts while you are reading books so you can focus on the task at hand
  • Impressive battery life – The battery life of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ can last for weeks with average, mixed use. It’s ideal for traveling without the hassle of constantly digging out chargers or hunting down power outlets
  • Realistic display (paper) – The display of this e-reader mimics the experience of reading a paperback book. That’s because Kindle uses an innovative E Ink technology to complement the screen. The hand-built fonts also play a major role here
  • Lightweight design –The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is lighter than most of the eBook readers on the market. Holding it for hours in one hand won’t leave you feeling fatigued
  • Easy on the eyes – Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ does not come with a traditional LCD display which requires your eyes to adjust when you switch from a bright screen to a dimmer one. By contrast, the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is designed to maintain the same level of brightness throughout use and you will not have to worry about any eye straining adjustments. With 8 different font sizes to select from, you can enjoy a fully customized interface
  • Flip through without losing your page – The page flip feature will help you navigate through different pages without losing your place
  • Enhanced search function – When you want to look for a specific word, you just need to search for it and you’ll be there in seconds. No more tirelessly hunting through the whole book when you’re searching for a passage

Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ Cons

  • Does not support other media content – The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is not compatible with any media content apart from regular text documents. As discussed below, this is both a positive and a negative as it allows for dedicated, undisturbed reading but does not allow too much scope of use
  • Slow navigation – Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is not as responsive as some of high-end e-readers available. There’s a short lag when opening an e-book or to moving to the next page. While not prohibitive, it might be worth upscaling if you think these micro-delays would be bothersome

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Reading is an enduring passion for millions worldwide.

Where the focus has been firmly on printed books since time immemorial, the emergence of digital content changed the landscape completely.

While most hard-hitting brands make e-readers, Amazon enjoys pole position with its fabulous and ever-growing range of Kindles.

The first Amazon e-reader was released way back in 2007 and it remains the most popular e-reader until now. The current iteration of Kindle E-Reader 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display enjoys a prominent place in an impressive range.

This Kindle packs a 6-inch display and a brand new touch interface. This replaces the conventional button system from the previous version used for navigation purposes. It’s super-simple to navigate delivering a more fluid reading experience.

This Kindle also boasts a broad spread of winning features specifically designed to make life easier for you…

The built-in dictionary and specified text are perfect examples of how this makes reading not only simpler but better.  If you come across any trying word while reading, just look up its definition on screen without breaking your stride and reaching for the Concise Oxford.

The glare-free display means this Kindle looks and behaves much like a regular paperback, even in direct sunlight. This new edition of Kindle is extremely compact and lightweight so you can pop it in your pocket and take it wherever you need to go.


The new Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6” has the same user friendly design as its predecessor. If you are upgrading to this from a previous version, everything will look and feel familiar.

This Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ measures up at 6.7 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches, so it’s slimmer, smaller and more portable than most e-readers on the market. It weighs in at only 6.7 ounces so you can use it for hours without feeling tired.

The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6” is ideal for reading during day time with its ambient light. The lack of backlighting means extra lighting is required if reading at night.

The new Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”  has a plain, functional design. The frame is made from black plastic with the Amazon logo on back.

The overall feel is solid and durable with the rear side is slightly curved for ergonomics. Holding it one-handed is a comfy experience helped by its featherweight footprint.

The bezels are large enough to prevent you from touching the screen unintentionally.

Overall, this Kindle looks and feels more expensive than it is. While it might not win any design rewards, it’s more than fit for purpose.

Interface and Performance

This version of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is 20% faster than the outgoing model. This leads to a fairly significant overall boost in performance.

This e-reader is fairly responsive compared to its predecessors. You won’t get any significant delay when turning pages or using the interface. Lag-related typos are also minimized thanks to the touch screen.

Even though the new Kindle is generally swifter, it still can’t compete with higher end e-readers. This is not surprising. A Ford is unlikely to be as quick out the blocks as a Ferrari. You need to compare like for like. Set against comparable devices, Kindle acquits itself admirably.

The interface of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is more than adequate. It will automatically put your eBooks front and center. You can sort your library by title or author.

This e-reader delivers a pretty good layout as well. It will deliver the cover art of each book and if you don’t want to see it, you can always switch to a list view instead. You have options to customize.

You will also be able to switch between the eBooks that are stored inside your reader. You can also access all books stored in your Cloud storage by simply tapping on the top of your screen.

Reading the screen or accessing the Store is a breeze. You can see permanent icons on the top of the interface. These icons will disappear when you head into a new book, but they can easily be revealed again by simply tapping on the top of the display.

The advertisements in Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ are conveniently placed and you won’t be distracted by them. Recommended books appear at the bottom of the Home screen. If you don’t want to see them, simply disable this function.

The developers of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ have made it easy for you to access Airplane Mode as well. If you want to increase the battery life and don’t want to stay connected to your home Wi-Fi network at all times, just activate this power-saving mode.

Battery Life

Battery life is always a prime concern with any electronic device.

There’s nothing to worry about here with Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”. A full charge can give up to 4 weeks of use if you spend half an hour a day reading with Wi-Fi off. Even if you leave Wi-Fi enabled, you’ll still get plenty of staying power from this capable battery.

If you continuously read eBooks on your Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”, you can keep going all day.

The battery life is displayed in a convenient way as well. It is shown as the percentage instead of a bar giving you a more precise gauge than an unmarked bar.

Reading Experience

Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ delivers an uprated reading experience with its new touchscreen. You won’t have to press any buttons to turn pages as on the previous models.

Just tap on right-hand side of your display and it will turn the page. If you tap on the left corner, you can navigate back.

The Menu bar appears when you tap on the very top of the screen. Once you get used to these basic features, you’ll fully embrace this new functionality.

The touchscreen plays a major role in the extra features pitched up with this version of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”. If you wanted to look words up on the non-touchscreen model, you needed to navigate over them slowly. With this new Kindle, you can get the definition of a word instantly by just pressing the word.

The touchscreen helps when you’re highlighting text because it allows you to simply tap and hold for a few moments. You can add notes easily with the touchscreen keyboard. These features are highly beneficial for students looking for enhanced studying capability.

The reading experience delivered by Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is almost identical to it’s predecessors. You can easily see how much you have read via a percentage indicator. This is shown at the bottom right hand corner of the display. You can determine your exact location on the display from the bottom left hand corner. This also indicates the approximate time that remains for you to finish reading your book. This estimate is based on your reading speed so it’s pretty accurate.

You can swiftly change the font size on Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″. Choose from 6 different font styles and 8 different font sizes. You can also alter the margins and line spacing according to your specific requirements. Viewing your notes and highlights with the user-friendly controls is a cinch.

Jumping from one chapter to another presents no problem.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ has many sharing options as well. Post what you are reading to your preferred social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Book Access

You can find millions of e-books in the Amazon Kindle store and you will be able to store a decent number of books on Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6”.

Books are divided into categories for your complete convenience. The choice is so great as to be almost overwhelming.

The price of e-books makes them a highly attractive proposition. They are such a bargain that you don’t really need to think twice before adding to your library.

The touchscreen simplifies navigating the Kindle store and purchasing your books. When you are not reading a book, there’s a shortcut displayed so you can rapidly access the Kindle Store.

Even if you accidentally purchase a book while you are navigating through the store, you can easily cancel the order with a single tap.

You can plug Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ into their computers. It’s a basic procedure to drag and drop books onto your device. You need files to be in the MOBI form to be read by your Kindle.


Amazon has not included any multimedia functionality to the Kindle Reader 6. Forget about MP3 files, audiobooks or games. You can’t view any video content with this Kindle either. This is both a good thing and a bad thing

Since this is a dedicated reader, you get none of the distractions that come with reading on an Internet-enabled tablet. Every aspect of the design was optimized for this single task so no trade-offs were made to support extra features. On the downside, you are strictly limited in terms of output.

Final Words

If you want a simple and affordable e-reader, this version of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6” makes perfect sense.

The plain and simple design, effective touchscreen and lightweight nature of this Kindle mean it’s a favorite that just got even better.

And did we mention the price?

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