How To Deregister Kindle

If you order a new Kindle directly from Amazon, it usually comes already registered to your Amazon account, so when you get it all you have to do is charge it up to get started reading.

If you buy a Kindle from Best Buy, eBay, or some other retailer you’ll have to manually register it to your Amazon account to get your Kindle books to appear.

You can still use a Kindle that is unregistered, but it will only works with sideloaded DRM-free files, and not all the features will be available.

Once registered you can shop for and download ebooks from Amazon, and the books will be available across Amazon’s other devices and apps as well.

How to Register your Kindle

Registering a Kindle is a simple process. Just tap the Menu icon in the upper right corner on the Kindle’s homescreen and select Settings.

Then tap My Account from the list. If you have an Amazon account just enter your info to register. If you don’t have an Amazon account you have the option to create one. Just follow the onscreen directions and your Kindle will be setup and ready to go in no time.

How to Deregister Your Kindle

You should always deregister your Kindle if you are selling it or if your giving it to someone else. Or you can factory reset your Kindle to restore it back to factory settings (that will also deregister it from your Amazon account).

To deregister a Kindle, tap the Menu icon in the upper right corner on the Kindle’s homescreen and select Settings.

From there tap My Account then select Deregister Device and then confirm it.

If you lost your Kindle and can’t find it or if it no longer works, you can also deregister Kindles from the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon.

What To Do If Your Selling Your Kindle

Reset the Kindle (Optional)

This step is technically optional, but it’s a good idea to reset your Kindle to its factory settings before selling it or giving it away. The new owner will be able to start from a totally blank slate.

Go to Menu > Settings.

On the Settings page, tap the Menu button again, and then select the “Reset” option.

In the confirmation window, tap “Yes” and the Kindle will take a few minutes to restart and reset. Once it’s finished, the Kindle will be like it was on the day you got it.

Clean the Kindle

Let’s be honest, people are filthy, filthy creatures. Any personal device you’ve had for more than a few weeks is smothered in bacteria. Something like a Kindle that you’ve had for years and used everywhere in your house is practically a petri dish. Before giving away or selling your Kindle, do the decent thing and give it a good cleaning.

Since Kindles are almost all screen, grab some screen cleaning wipes and give your Kindle a good wipe down. Don’t use household cleaning products or rubbing alcohol, as they could damage the device. It’s much the same process as cleaning your phone (which you should also be doing).

Selling or Giving Away Your Kindle

With your Kindle clean on the inside and out, it’s time to get it in the hands of another loving owner. There are lots of options for where you can sell your Kindle, but one of the old reliables like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, or Swappa is going to give you the best results.

Unfortunately, since Kindles are pretty cheap to begin with, you probably aren’t going to get a lot of money for an older, used model. A brand new Kindle Paperwhite retails for $119.99 on Amazon. Someone is listing one for $105 on Swappa but the most recent sale was for $85. Used, older, or cheaper Kindles are going to sell for less.

Personally, I prefer to hand my old Kindles on to someone I know who loves to read, but doesn’t have one yet. Books have always been my favorite gifts and a Kindle is the closest digital equivalent.

If you’re passing your Kindle on to a family member, you should set up Amazon Household. This way you both keep your own Amazon accounts but you’re able to share any Kindle purchases either of you make. There are also children’s profiles available, so you can control what your kids are able to read; you don’t want them left with unfettered access to Amazon’s copious amount of bad literotica.

Kindles, since they’re so simple, can easily last for years. Most people I know end upgrading their Kindle before it breaks just to get the latest features. This makes them perfect for giving away or selling.

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