How To Gift a Kindle Book

Kindle books make the perfect gift for the bookworms in your life, all the more so if you know they already enjoy reading e-books on their Kindle device.

If you want to know how to gift a Kindle book, that’s the easy part and we’ll be showing you that right below.

If you’re concerned about an electronic book making a soulless gift, don’t worry. Once we’ve showed you how to gift your book from the Amazon platform, we’ll also be giving you some ideas for presenting the gift in a novel way.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get the e-book of your choice. Luckily, that’s not hard.


How To Gift a Kindle Book

Head to the Amazon homepage.

Click Sign In. This is found in the top right of the screen.

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, click this button anyway then check “No, I’m a new customer.” Punch in your personal details (full name, email address, and password) and create your account.

Head to the Kindle Books section when you have logged into your Amazon account.

Click the Shop by Department button in the top-left corner. Choose Kindle Book from the available options.

Pick your chosen title from the huge library. Click the book to reveal the product details. Add the book to your basket.

Indicate that the e-book is a gift. Enter the email address of the recipient. If you’re unsure of this, you can arrange to have the book emailed to yourself instead.

You then choose a delivery date. Coordinate this with any special occasion or order right away.

You’ll get the option of entering a personalized message if you wish.

Push Proceed to Checkout and complete your purchase.

You’re all done and your loved one will receive the page-turning bestseller of your choice on the date you select.


Why Gift a Kindle E-Book?

There are many reasons why gifting a Kindle book makes sense.

  • Avoid hectic shopping scenes: If you habitually leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute and end up stressed and frustrated with huge queues and crowds, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of buying an e-book. In fact, you won’t need to leave home at all!
  • Returns are straightforward: If you buy your loved one a physical book and they don’t like it, returning it means they’ll need to head to the store. They may not even bother doing so, with the book going to waste. Returning a Kindle book couldn’t be easier. The recipient can exchange it for an Amazon gift card and then buy the title of their choice
  • Ebooks are affordable: Maybe you have a bookworm in your life but you can’t afford to keep buying them hardcovers. Buying a Kindle book is an affordable and convenient way to give them a treat while conserving your budget
  • You can find some digital-only titles: If your loved one has more niche interests, some titles are only available in digital form. Limit yourself to physical books and you’re missing out

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to learn how to gift a Kindle book.

We understand that some of you still won’t be convinced about giving someone a gift by email.

We’ll round out today with some alternative methods of presenting this gift so it seems less soulless than a digital file.


How To Present a Gifted Kindle Book

  • Wrap up an empty box
  • Buy them a new mug and tuck a card inside
  • Gift wrap some cookies or popcorn
  • Message in a card


Wrap up an empty box

Grab an empty box, ideally one that looks nothing like a book. A cereal package will do.

Wrap this up and pop a note on the box asking your loved one to check their email.


Buy them a new mug and tuck a card inside

Wrap up a new mug. This allows you to give your friend or relative two gifts in one.

Inside the mug, pop a card telling them that they’ll soon be curled up reading a great book while drinking from their new mug. 

If appropriate, consider a mug themed with the book.


Gift wrap some cookies or popcorn

Bundle up some cookies, popcorn, or whatever your loved one likes to chow down on while they’re reading.

Add a message to the box directing them to their email.


Message in a card

Sometimes, the simplest approaches are the most effective. 

Let your loved one know what book you bought them by announcing it in their card.


Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in today’s guide showing you how to gift a Kindle book.

You could also consider gifting your loved one a Kindle Unlimited or Audible subscription if you have a more fluid budget.

Don’t forget to bookmark Pick My Reader and come back soon!

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