Formidable and Inexpensive: Kindle Fire HD 8

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What most buyers want

  • Inexpensive
  • Myriad of content
  • It has a MicroSD card slot

What buyers don’t want

  • Occasionally sluggish, mostly to gameplay
  • The plastic design looks cheap
  • No video calling
Kindle Fire HD 8

While the new Amazon Fire HD 8 is considered a lower range tablet when it comes to app experience and multitasking. When compared to its counterpart like Samsung and Apple, it cost much less and it will be suitable enough for your needs.

Amazon Ecosystem

Amazon Ecosystem


No one can beat amazon in terms of its wide ecosystem from video streaming, books and T.V shows through its prime account. Most people see it as their first priority other than tablet itself; they want to be able to consume whatever they want once they browse the large items with different from amazon store. Although they can’t get all of it, consumers choose and pick whatever it comes to their mind with ease.

Why most people used kindle fire HD 8 over its counterpart; the ipad mini 2

Ipad mini 2 is considered the rival of amazon kindle fire HD 8. Although most people say that ipad still the best choice for its design and apps ecosystem, when it comes to specs, it does have some interesting additions we weren’t expecting.

If we do a comparison between ipad mini 2 vs the new amazon fire hd 8; Amazon kindle fire has a better processor speed (1.3ghz ARM v8- based vs 1.5ghz quad-core), with the same amount of RAM (1GB vs 1GB), although ipad has a slight advantage in display (2040 x 1536 vs 1280 x 800). You can still assumed that nothing can beat with the price of Amazon Kindle HD 8. Kindle counterpart has expensive price but you can get the same and even better specifications.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 is the best device when you are in a budget. Content consumption is another big advantage where you can access the wide amazon ecosystem from video streaming, books, music, apps and games whenever you buy amazon kindle. Although apple has a better apps and games, amazon won’t allow to just easily give its crown. You can also find popular games and apps from their store and it is growing every day that you can find some apps and games you can’t get in apple.

For battery life, it also has the same 10 hrs battery life as the previous kindle fire.

Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers, Blue

Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

The Kindle design is good with comfortable and easy to navigate touch, and you can easily hold in one hand. The weights is just 308 grams, it is lighter to ipad 3 for 23 grams. Dimension per inches is 8.43 its wide, 5.04 inches in height and 0.3 in thickness; Compare to apple’s 7.87 wide, 5.3 height and 0.29 thickness.

If you want a sharp display to resolution and pixel density for great video experience, the kindle is good enough, although apple has a slight advantage when it comes to resolution, it is still good for a budget price as Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.When it comes to processor speed, the HD 8 is way better than ipad mini 2. Whether you want to use it for surfing or video streaming on internet, you will get the full speed because of its processor; same thing if want to play 3d games, faster processor makes 3d games much better experience.

Comparing to higher-end peers

Sure, the Kindle Fire HD 8 is nothing compare to high end tablets like kindle fire HDX, Google’s Nexus 7 or iPad mini 7 inch, but it has a far better quality when it comes to specs and other features, but for affordability with a wide range of perks on amazon store when you have a prime account, no doubt nothing can beat the Kindle FirKindle Fire HD 8e HD 8 price. Mostly, what people want is just to entertain themselves on leisure time, and their even spend most of their time through browsing stuffs, so it’s suitable for most people.

Who doesn’t want kindle fire HD 8

Kindle fire HD 8 has only a 720p front camera when you compare it to 1.2mp of apple mini 2. Picture resolution is not as good as they want, some people told. Yes that’s true, but it also has the same of 5mp camera on its back and the majority of people who bought seldom used the front cam. And that is one of their reasons why they always choose

Kindle fire HD 8 inch over its competitors

Amazon wants to give all what their customer wants as much as possible for apps and games, but it’s not enough against apple and google. They still have the some of the most popular apps on the online market, and is it also true in most games. Apple and google still holds the crown when it comes to games and apps. Although kindle fire hd 8 is capable in most latest games or apps but not enough to compete to apple and google ecosystem.

Final verdict

Kindle fire hd 8 is arguably the most cheap tablet price out in the market right now for a good quality tablet. If you’re looking for tablets that is almost capable of everything for a reasonable price, kindle tablet is the no. 1 choice. With amazon’s full of perks most specially on prime account, that is really one of a good thing.

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