Amazon Echo Buds: The AirPods Alternative

Amazon Echo Buds

Average rating: Oh they get much better. Once positioned correctly in your ear (tun them like a corkscrew) and a crappy sound from 5 below is replaced with a wonderful, flexible medium range sound. As different as night and day. … Read more

How Long Will a Kindle Battery Last?

A Kindle is the ideal travel companion. This nifty reading device fits snugly into your handbag or briefcase so you can enjoy its benefits anywhere. The one thing it does need—unlike a regular book or newspaper—is power. Amazon designs Kindles … Read more

Amazing Accessories for Kindle Fire Tablets

How can you make the best use of your Fire tablet? Apart from installing apps and services, there are many accessories that do not come with your tablet but can boost your experience to a great extent. We’ll take a look … Read more