Persuasive Features of Kindle Voyage that Overwhelm Rivals

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To Kindle or not to Kindle, to upgrade or not to upgrade—the new Kindle Voyage is available. If you are someone who loves the Kindle, good news for you, Amazon’s all new Kindle Voyage is available for pre-order. It will be available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G  models, has 4GB of storage (3GB usable), and will be delivered in October. If you are someone who is wondering whether to buy an e-book reader or is looking for the new features that Kindle offers, this Kindle Voyage review will help you. If you are someone who is an ardent lover of books; real paper and the whole set—I know we are all guilty of loving our books too much; you may want to buy the Kindle Voyage after reading the features that it offers. We say “Get it!” Of course, not too hasty, let me give you the reasons why.

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Thin-Thinner-Thinnest. What is it about “thin” that we all love? The fashion industry love thin models, and we, standard earthlings, love thin gadgets! Not to disappoint us, Kindle Voyage is as thin as a Kindle could get. It is just 7.6 mm thick (0.3 inches) and you can comfortably read without anything heavy on your hands to bog you down. The height is just right at 6.4 inches and the width is 4.5 inches.

This is the lightest and thinnest Amazon’s Kindle E-reader without compromising on the display size. The basic kindle and Kindle Paperwhite of the previous generations is noticeably bulkier.

Some of you may feel that the size could be bigger, but I personally feel that it is perfect. Reading on a Kindle include hours of holding the device with one hand, and a bigger size would just be uncomfortable and tiring; I do understand if you have big, strong hands and want a bigger sized Kindle.


Amazon has upgraded their screen so that it reaches 300 ppi (pixels per inch). To us, that would mean texts that are incredibly sharp and readable. Personally, I think that this is one of the best features among the new features because at the end of the day, the screen experience matters more than anything else. Even if you tune down to the lowest resolution, the texts are still decently readable.

Amazon has also replaced the plastic screen with glass. This means that the Kindle is way classier and the pane is one smooth screen unlike the earlier versions, which have edges that dust can stick to. For people who are worried about the glass screen glaring under sunlight, the glass is “micro-etched”, which means that they have topped the glass with matte material that is non-reflective to sunlight. Also, Amazon has tried their best to make the finished texture as paper-like as possible. If you are the kind that will wait till the texture is paper enough, I think you will have to wait for the next generation of Kindles. For now, the experience is decent and better than any I have felt so far. Unless you have serious dropping issues, if you are worried about the glass breaking, just get a case.


Lights that Adjust

Ever have those moments when you get so engrossed in the story you are reading that the day has just gone from dawn to dusk? You may not notice or care about the intricacies of how time moves, but this Kindle does. It comes with a new feature which I call “The Light Sensor”. It detects the level of brightness in your surroundings and adjusts itself gradually. This means non-stop reading without you bothering to draw the shades or switch on the lights, and best of all, no squinting your eyes due to too much light or the lack of it. I know, it is awesome! Night-owls would love it even more. Of course, for people like my grandma who must read on the highest level of brightness come rain or shine, you can adjust it to a level of your choice manually.

voyage_cover_01Page Turner

For something that everybody performs repeatedly, the page turner on earlier versions of Kindle was a tad uncomfortable for most people. It was not bad, but most users wanted it to be better. The good news is, Kindle Voyage has dedicated page-turner buttons; all you have to do is squeeze the bezels slightly. This is an excellent feature and most people would be willing to upgrade just for this feature. If you would rather not use the bezels, for reasons I cannot imagine, you can still swipe or tap on the screen.

Word Wise

If somebody asks me how many times I have moved on from a difficult vocabulary because I was too lazy to look it up in the dictionary or because I loved the story too much, I would be guilty of doing it a thousand times over. So, this new feature called “Word Wise” is a welcome addition for me. This feature automatically gives you the definitions for challenging words in a smaller font right above the word, depending on the selected reading level. Now, we will know exactly what the author is talking about without assuming. It also works great for your smaller children, tweens, and teens.

Battery Life

A single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10. Battery life will vary based on light setting and wireless usage. I must add that it would have been great if the battery life was the same or greater than of Kindle Paperwhite, which offers up-to eight weeks depending on the conditions. Nevertheless, it is still good.


Good Additional Features

In addition to all of the features listed above, I particularly like the feature of being able to consolidate your family library. All you have to do is link the accounts of your family members in a single library. You also have easier access to Goodreads, which is a welcome change for someone like me; we do want to show off the difficult-new-book we have been reading and deriving so much inspiration from, sometimes.

In conclusion, Amazon must have really put themselves into the shoes of avid readers to produce this version of the Kindle, which will make our reading as comfortable as comfortable gets. Personally, I have friends who have moved to the world of e-books after borrowing my Kindle Paperwhite for a short while, and I am confident that they would have loved the Kindle Voyage even better.

Oh, BTW, the only color available is black and yes, the group of people who love pink and white are disappointed, but hey, you can always use colorful cases. Anyway, the Kindle is here to stay and the Kindle Voyage offers such amazing features that I would recommend people who love reading to either upgrade or buy it for even better pleasure-reading sessions.

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Mark Douglas

I would have been more confident in your positive review being objective had there been more technical cons.

Thanks for revealing your experience though, Joe.

Bob Fry

What are the tech cons? I’ll look on Amazon’s website and reviews for more details…I have a Kindle 2 and will replace the battery, otherwise it works find. The paperwhite, with its touch screen, doesn’t automatically seem better over the 2 which has buttons to turn pages. However I would like a more modern Kindle eReader and the Voyage seems it.

I should have my new Kindle Voyage by Tuesday April 14 and can’t wait. I will make more comments then. I find Mark’s comment somewhat lame. Does Mark expect the person to make up negative techical comments? Most of the reviews I are all very positive. The negative comments are very minor and nitpicking for the most part. Many of the negative comments are made by people who have no clue about the reality of e-book readers. For example, why isn’t there color ink? Well, it has not been invented yet. What you see on laptops in color is not… Read more »
Simon Meaden

I would be happier if the Kindle made use of the metadata available with most ebooks. The collections option is a start but makes sorting books a pain, especially when they are in series. I have been collecting ebooks now for about 15 years so have a couple of thousand and in the past used a PC and Calibre to organise my books. I like the size of my new Kindle but searching for a particular book drives me up the wall.


Persuasive Features of Kindle Voyage that Overwhelm Rivals #ereader #kindlevoyage