Send To Kindle from Web Browsers

Send To Kindle

Web ads are remarkably wearing. These seem especially prevalent on news and tech sites where you’re constantly bombarded with low-quality ads detracting from your browsing experience. Ads often appear in the form of a tedious auto-playing vid at the bottom … Read more

The State of E-Readers in 2020

state of ereaders 2020

Today, we wanted to raise the issue of the state of e-readers in 2020 to see how you feel about digital reading at the beginning of another new decade.

Amazon Echo Buds: The AirPods Alternative

Amazon Echo Buds

Average rating: Oh they get much better. Once positioned correctly in your ear (tun them like a corkscrew) and a crappy sound from 5 below is replaced with a wonderful, flexible medium range sound. As different as night and day. … Read more

Amazon Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8

Average rating: I received the new Echo Show 8 as a gift this past weekend and like it for most of the same reasons I like the Echo Show 5: great connectivity; good diversity of content and skills; and great … Read more

Why are LED E-Books Best to Buy?

Why are LED E-Books Best to Buy

E-Reader technology is growing at a slow pace where many readers don’t like to replace their old Kindle devices with a new one due to the slow development rate. Change is inevitable…. In today’s digital era, where smart phones, laptops … Read more