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Ebook formatting for kindle

First you’re going to transfer the words you’ve been slaving over, correcting, deleting, etc to PLAIN TEXT. This will get rid of any hidden formatting glitches that suddenly make your words appear in places on the page where you don’t want them. Transfer all your text to TEXT EDIT/NOTEPAD 1. […]

Books vs eBooks: Pros and Cons

Computer tablets get cheaper and cheaper these days. You can even find a decent Intel Atom-powered tablet for under $100usd these days. So with large tablets coming down in price so much, why not think about getting into eBooks? You can store thousands on one SD Card, you can read […]

What file does Kindle use?

For many Kindle users, digital readers have become permanent companions. This can be because you’re a real bookworm and a Kindle is the easiest way to carry your latest read around. Other users may find the additional functions such as browsing or listening to music entertaining as well as user […]

Kindle Fire – What does it do?

The world of digital books has come a long way. While people are still debating whether an electronic version of a book is a good idea—many people believe it puts too much strain on your eyes—the designers at Amazon simply kept on creating. In 2011 they released the Kindle Fire. […]

Do you need Wifi to read books on Kindle?

Your Kindle is the ideal way to take your latest favorite read with you. But it’s an electronic device downloading the book files from a website. So do you need to be connected to the internet in order to make use of—read—these files? Why is this a good question? This […]

How do you update apps on Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire is a great device for reading, but its range of exciting features doesn’t stop here. Amazon added much more than reading activities in these models. This culminated in a device that contains all your books, but also gives access to videos, music and other applications such as […]

Would you trade your paper books for digital version?

Technology influences everything we do and even books have not been left untouched. Today you can pick up one device that contains all your books. So effectively you carry your library with you. This is an amazing feat, but still many people prefer books in printed form. There are those […]

What is the difference between Kindle HD and Kindle HDX?

What is the difference between Kindle HD and Kindle HDX?

If you’re planning on acquiring a new Kindle or trying out a tablet, it’s necessary to do your homework on what’s out there. Kindles have become a valuable assets to readers and non-readers alike because Amazon manufactures them as a reading alternative but with many other features that can make your […]