Best All-New Kindle Paperwhite Features That Makes Reading Pleasurable

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is claimed to be the best selling e-readers in the world. The reason why Kindle is very popular is because of the ultimate digital reading experience it offers. Kindle’s hardware is top notch and Amazon’s ecosystem is spectacular, a winning combination to lead in the market of e-reader. Here’s are the best 5 Kindle Paperwhite features.



Amazing Display Screen and Now Fully Waterproof

Kindle Paperwhite would have been just another reading device had it not been for the amazing display. Kindle uses what is called the E Ink technology for its display. With this technology, it is like reading paper-print with no glare in the bright sunlight and very less eyestrains. The fonts are dark and clear, with great contrast. It is nothing like reading from a device, no distractions and no inconveniences.

It makes no difference where you’re reading, whether indoor or outdoor you enjoy the same great reading experience. You may also read in the dark equally comfortable as the built-in lights illuminates the display screen evenly. All I need to do is adjust the brightness on Kindle to suit the surrounding light conditions.

In all-new Paperwhite form, the 212 ppi of resolution is now uprated to 300 ppi for an even clearer display than ever.

With an IPX8 rating, you can also get your new Paperwhite wet without a headache.

Great Extended Battery Life

We all hate how the battery life is with Smartphone and tablet. It is such inconvenience and worrisome as these devices last just for couple of hours before you need to charge. I adore this Kindle Paperwhite even more for the extended battery life. Even if I read every day, like for an hour or so I only need charge it twice a month. I go for camping often and Kindle is always a good companion.

Easy to Read and Share

The touch interface of Paperwhite is very responsive and accurate to the slightest touches. What is even better, I can flip pages or scan chapter without losing my page. I can take quick notes that can be transferred to my computer. And sometimes I like sharing meaningful quotes with friends on Facebook or Titter which I do all from Kindle.

Looking up for definition or meaning of words is as easy as a touch. You touch a word and it brings up the dictionary, X-Ray and Wikipedia to access information you needed.

If you like you can share or borrow books with families and friends. You may also borrow books from your public library.

Massive Selection of Popular Titles for Low Price

Presently, you can access over 1 million books priced at at a very reasonable price. One can find all the popular titles including the bestseller titles on Amazon store. Additionally, there are over 400,000 titles that are Kindle exclusive. This is haven for book lovers. Apart from all the books you may also subscribe to newspapers, periodicals and blogs.

Again, there are over a million titles available for free of cost. These books are copyrights free titles including many classic such as Alice in Wonderland, David Copperfield, Treasure Island and others.


You can download books in less than 60 seconds from the Kindle device. Unlike some e-readers you don’t need computer to download books. Every shopping is done straight from the Kindle device. This is possible via Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity.

Paperwhite is available either with just Wi-Fi connectivity or Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity. I prefer the one with 3G connectivity though it cost more because I can access internet on the go.  I’m not paying anything for the 3G service on Paperwhite. It is free and there are no commitments.

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