Why are LED E-Books Best to Buy?

E-Reader technology is growing at a slow pace where many readers don’t like to replace their old Kindle devices with a new one due to the slow development rate. Change is inevitable…. In today’s digital era, where smart phones, laptops and cars are constantly being updated with new features such as dual cameras, OLED displays, thatscoolwire glow wire, improved processors, etc., LED technology can improve the quality of e-books for both; new and existing e- book readers. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of LED technology in e-readers. We will show you how this technology can improve your overall reading experience and you can decide if it is good enough to invest in or not.  

LED e-books: What’s it all about?

Today, many e-book models come with a front-lit HD display where LED lights are used to give light upwards. This makes reading in low light easier, especially during the night time. Amber LEDs are also available in various e-book models as they give a more subtle and warm effect by altering the bright white display into a more subtle orange light. Amazon recently used amber lights in Kindle Oasis and plans to use LED amber lights for all Kindles that will release this year. First, we will discuss the pros of LED in Kindle Oasis, Basic and Paper white. What We Like
  • The most interesting feature of Kindle’s Paper white is its front-lit display. The display in this version has a better resolution which provides a crystal clear display.
  • The capacitive layer is more advanced than Kindle Touch’s IR touch- screen and the latest light guide technology is a new concept altogether.
  • Regular lights in smart phones and other devices drain out the battery life and by using low-power lights, your device’s battery life can be extended.
  • You can adjust the brightness at different levels and the LEDs remain on for all these levels.
  • You can read in various indoor and outdoor light settings. The brightness levels can be adjusted accordingly.
What We Don’t Like
  • Many users prefer the older E Ink display over the new back-lit screens as the LED lights can shine directly into the eyes.
  • Amazon confirms that a new back-lit display is similar to E Ink as the LED light guide technology shines inwards and not outwards.
  • Many readers find front-lit displays, more convenient and practical than the older back-lit display.
  • Many readers are still skeptical about the use of LED technology in Kindle devices. However, in reality, the use of LCD screens does not put excessive strain on the eyes.
  • Many users find reading on an LED powered device similar to reading on a laptop or computer screen.

Is It worth Upgrading to LED Powered E-readers?

In a recent report, it was revealed that both types of e-reader displays give the same amount of strain on the eyes. The difference in the resolution may, however, cause an increase or decrease in the strain levels instead of the display itself. Using regular tablets for reading may be uncomfortable due to the bright light emitted from glossy screens, making reading quite difficult. Today the use of front-lit display is available in all the major e-reader models including the Kindle Paper white, Oasis and Basic. These readers can be differentiated on the basis of the different intensity of LED lights that is spread across the screen. The main purpose of this technology is to make night time reading more comfortable for the users as the LED light does not shine directly into the eyes and the intensity of the light can be adjusted manually through a slider. Overall Verdict The use of amber LED light for reading e-books is a newer concept. However, it is believed to improve more in the coming years. Since, Amazon’s Kindle Paper white never came with a warm ambient LED sensor, incorporating this technology in Paper white model can be a refreshing change for Kindle fans. It is believed that a similar warm display light will be available for the all the upcoming versions of Paper white. All in all, the use of LED technology in e-readers can motivate people to upgrade their old Kindle device with a new one.

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