How To Root Fire HDX

How to root Kindle Fire HDX

Rooting your Kindle Fire HDX can open up many new features.

After all, you should get the most out of life and your Kindle can technically support much more than the features Amazon allows you to use.

First thing’s first then, what is rooting anyway?

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is when you change the software setup on an Android device to give you more access to the device’s back end.

This allows you to change settings, tweak the type of apps you can download and generally customize it to your particular requirements.

Rooting is either done using a device’s command prompt interface or through downloading an application for that specific device.

Rooting enables you to do a lot more with your Kindle but you do it at a high risk of damaging your device.

Is it worth the risk?

What do you really stand to gain?

We’ll walk you through the upsides and drawbacks of treading the rooting route…



With a rooted Fire, you enjoy access to more applications than your Fire HDX is programmed to download.

You’ll be able to take advantage of Google Play rather than being restricted to Amazon AppStore only.

If you can’t live without your selection of familiar apps, this feature alone makes rooting your Fire worth taking into consideration.


Many people pick up a Kindle Fire HD because it’s highly affordable as far as tablets go without sacrificing core functionality.

As well as downloading applications from Google Play, rooting allows for further customization…

If you love playing with themes and colors—a function not available on many Kindles—rooting opens up many options here.

General customization is the leading advantage of rooting your device.


Losing Your Warranty

Rooting changes the overall setup and functioning of your Fire HDX.

You won’t be able to claim for damages or problems from Amazon after rooting.

Bear this firmly in mind. Only you can decide whether invalidating your warranty is worth taking a chance on.

It’s Not That Easy

Some devices have easy rooting processes which is done through a single application download or the press of one button.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Fire HDX.

Some basic knowledge regarding software is advisable before you try doing this on your own. You can always enlist the help of a third party if you’re not confident.


Rooting your device is quite risky.

If the correct procedure isn’t followed, you stand a chance the device might not work at all. This is known as bricking your device. Essentially, it turns your Fire into a useless hunk.

In light of this risk, you need to determine the likelihood of successfully rooting your Kindle and whether it’s worth taking that chance.

You won’t be able to reset the system or download the old software to reverse the process so proceed with caution.


Last but by no means least, consider the legal aspect.

When you buy a device, it becomes your property. Many countries don’t have a problem with rooting and making adjustments to it.

However, many of the limitations on a device such as the Kindle are linked to copyright laws rather than the basic process itself.

Legislation to manage this is in place, but the interpretation and enforcing of these laws differ between countries. Keep this in mind when you customize your Kindle to ensure you don’t accidentally break your country’s laws.

We aren’t here to encourage you one way or the other but simply to present the facts.

If You’re Ready To Do This, Here’s How…

Smart software developers found out how a Kindle Fire HDX can be rooted and unlocked to its full potential.

Now all you have to do is to use this software on your Kindle.

The programs that root your Kindle are called the rooting tools. These can be found on websites hosted by enthusiastic Android users who want to help you unlock the full potential of your device.

Here’s how…

  1. Download the following programs onto your computer:
  • ADB Drivers for the Kindle Fire HD
  • Bin4ry’s Root Tool
  1. Run ADB Drivers and extract then Save the file.
  2. Create a folder in your computer’s user account called .android
  3. Create a plain text file with the following characteristics:
  • The file’s name is “adb_usb.ini
  • The file contains text: 0x1949
  1. Now turn on your Kindle
  2. Open the Kindle’s Settings menu
  3. Open the More menu option
  4. Look for Allow Installation Of Application on the menu and make sure this setting is turned on
  5. Look for the Enable ADB on the menu and make sure this setting is also turned on
  6. Now connect your computer and your Kindle with a USB cable
  7. Open a command prompt window and make sure the file with the documents you created is open
  8. In the command prompt window, type stuff\adb devices
  9. Press Enter
  10. When your Kindle device is recognized, type RunMe
  11. Press Enter
  12. Make sure the correct device is being unlocked by watching your screens
  13. Press 1 and Enter and on your Kindle confirm the Restore action when asked to


You’ve rooted your Kindle Fire HDX.

All you need to do now is watch the two screens to make sure the process runs its full course.

You may need to unlock the Kindle a few times when it goes into rest mode or reboots.

When the rooting is done, you’ll receive a message on your computer screen to tell you of the good news.

And what happens then?

Well, you can now customize your Fire HDX to your heart’s content because there are no limits to your access now.

Can I Reverse The Process?

After going through so much trouble, it’s highly unlikely you’ll want your device restored to its previous unrooted form.

A rooting process can leave you without certain features such as videos, though. however, and then you simply need to reverse the rooting.

Find out here all about unrooting your Fire.


Rooting is a great way to unlock the full possibilities of a brilliant device.

If you do attempt it, it’s advisable to call in help if required and to think seriously about what you hope to gain from rooting your Fire.

Pure curiosity isn’t a good enough reason to take the risk of bricking your tablet so be clear about what you hope to gain and proceed very carefully.

Drop us a line if you have any questions at all on rooting your device or any other Kindle-related queries. We’re always delighted to help in any way we can.

Come back soon!

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