Kindle Unlimited or Scribd?


It started out as books in the form of e-books. Libraries going digital followed quickly. Can the recently released Kindle Unlimited challenge or keep up with the more popularly known Scribd? Amazon will have to wait and watch for a while to see if it will succeed. In the meanwhile, let us analyze what each library actually offers and which you should go for if you are considering on subscribing to a library.



What do They Both Offer?

You can borrow unlimited e-book by paying a minimal subscription fee monthly. Once you borrow a book, there is no expiration date and you can read it any time, as long as you are still subscribed. However, when you unsubscribe, you will lose access to any book that you have already subscribed to. A brief comparison between Kindle Unlimited and Scribd is given below:

Kindle Unlimited


Trial Period on Signing-Up

30 days

30 days

What’s offered?

e-books and audio books

e-books, audio books, comics and PDFs

Platforms Supported Through Apps

Kindle devices, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Android, iOS and Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Even with one dollar more than Scribd for subscription fees, many users who are already in the Amazon ecosystem would benefit greatly. Amazon claims that there are over a million titles on offer. If you are someone who loves experimenting with new books and lesser known authors, this library has a very good collection. You will also get many books that are on discounted sales in the library, so ensure that you check it out before you buy any book if you are a subscriber. You can easily do this through the thoughtfully integrated Book Browser that can be used to locate any book in the library.  You also get some of the best Kindle features such as X-Ray and customer reviews. You also get Whispersync that allows you to shift from reading to listening audio instantaneously; a wonderful integration.


Not many best-seller books are included. You cannot read PDF files and comic books are not in the library which makes it rather bland.



Kindle Newsstand

Free Kindle Reading Apps

Who Would Benefit Most?

Someone who is already in the Amazon ecosystem and wants to read books at an even more reduced price.



This is one of the first e-libraries and is in fact a very simple, yet well designed app. Unlike the Kindle library where you have to browse through the whole library to look for books, books here are organized according to genres and you also get personalized recommendations. It also has a good collection of books and includes several best sellers too. But the best reason why people should use this service is because of the comics; it includes a collection of more than 10000 comics from various comic houses such as Marvel, Archie, etc. You also have access to documents and can download them as PDFs.


One awful feature would be the search feature. There are occasions when you search for a book and it shows up as available, but then you tap on it to find that it is actually not available; just plain irritating. Also, the collection of more popular titles and classics could be bigger, much bigger.

Who Would Benefit Most?

In general, this service works for anyone and everyone who enjoys reading, but comic lovers will benefit most.

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