All-New Kindle Paperwhite Display – Is This the Best Display to Read Books?

KIndle-paperwhite-displayNow, if you are a serious reader the display of your reading device matters a lot. This is also the reason why book lovers choose dedicated e-readers over other multi-purpose devices such as tablets. The displays for dedicated readers are designed to read books in the most comfortable manner. It is not ideal for images and videos and is mostly available in greyscale, but it replicates paper print with no glare and less eyestrains.

Kindle is a popular e-reader but they are not alone in the market. So, we often ask ourselves how does the latest Kindle Paperwhite (review) compare to other top-end readers especially in regards to display?



Technology behind Kindle Paperwhite Display

To recognize Kindle Paperwhite Display, including other top rated e-reader’s display we need to understand the technology behind it. First of all, most dedicated e-readers are available in greyscale only. This is because they use Electronic Ink technology for their display screens.

Electronic Ink technology is very different from the LCD and LED technology. Unlike LED and LCD screens, there is no glare and very less eyestrains reading from E Ink display screens. The reason behind, E Ink doesn’t emit lights like LCD and LED screens. You’d need a reading light to read in the dark. However, with the latest Kindle Paperwhite you don’t need a reading light. More on that later.

The text is very crisp and clear on the screen with great contrast. It resembles reading from a high quality paper print. If you read Kindle Paperwhite 3G review or other dedicated e-reader reviews, Electronic Ink is the most important reason why people pick dedicated e-reader over multi-purpose tablet.

Kindle Paperwhite display uses the latest generation (4th generation) of Electronic Ink called ‘E Ink Carta’. This latest generation of E Ink has a higher resolution and pixel density than its predecessors. The 4th generation of E Ink features 768 X 1024 resolution with a pixel density of 212 PPI.

In it’s new 2018 form, waterproof Paperwhite is now uprated to 300 PPI.

A lot of those top rated e-readers on the market are still using the older generation of E Ink including the basic Kindle (review). Nook and Kobo are popular names other than Kindle for e-readers but to date they are still using the previous generation of E Ink called ‘Pearl’. This previous generation of E Ink features 167 pixels per inch. Hence, the clarity of the text is much better with Kindle Paperwhite display.

In addition, Kindle Paperwhite incorporates in-built lights that will evenly illuminate the surface of the screen. So, you won’t need a reading light as you did with previous generations of Kindle e-readers. This solves another problem because reading lights are not good when it comes to evenly illuminating the screen. One can easily adjust the screen brightness with Kindle Paperwhite for any surrounding light conditions.

All-new Paperwhite also packs 5 LEDs to make reading at night a breeze.

Overall thoughts

Presently, Kindle Paperwhite Display is surely the best device to read books in the most comfortable way. The best part, Amazon is always trying to further enhance the quality and overall reading experience on Kindle to uphold its position as the best selling e-readers in the world. So, it is not just the display but many things that makes Kindle the best choice for reading books on an electronic device.

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