What Is The Difference Between Kindle HD and Kindle HDX?

If you’re planning on acquiring a new Kindle or trying out a Kindle Fire tablet, it’s necessary to do your homework since the range of models can be utterly overwhelming.

The Kindle Fire, now called simply Fire, is much more than a simple e-reader. These tablets are crammed with features far beyond the ability to display e-books.

First released back in 2011, Kindle Fire shows no signs of waning in popularity. A year later, Kindle HD was introduced the upgraded the following year. Also in 2013, Kindle HDX was introduced

But how do you know which one is right for you?

The HD and HDX range

The Kindle HD and Kindle HDX are part of Amazon’s range of e-book reader devices but they’re designed to do so much more. Entertainment and work related functions can be done on them, which puts them in the league of tablet computers such as the Nexus range.

Why was it necessary to expand the range from the HDX model to include the HD models as well? Even within these two models you still find different sizes to pick from.

Here you can find out what each one’s specialities are and decide on the one that suits your requirements.


You’ll have hours of enjoyment when using these Kindles for reading but also for these great features:

  • They feature Dolby Stereo speakers to listen to music or hear the sound of your downloaded videos
  • You can listen to your downloaded books via their ‘text-to-speech’ function which reads books aloud.
  • E-mail applications send and receive your communication for work or personal use.
  • Search the internet via the Web application.
  • Videos, phots and music can be viewed and listened to.
  • Amazon offers unlimited storage space in their online cloud.
  • Most HD and HDX models (except the Fire HD 8.9) use state of the art software in the form of Fire OS3 Software. This software enables many features such as great touch screen functionality and it extends battery life by powering down unused applications.
  • Great connectivity is enabled via dual-antenna Wi-Fi and 4G features.
  • Warranties are available on all models.


The difference in name must be for a reason. What are the areas that make users pick one above the other?

Models, sizes and displays

  • The Fire HD has two models:
    • The HD 8’s dimensions are 8,4” x 5” with 189 ppi on a 1280 x 800 resolution screen
    • The HD 10’s dimensions are 10,3” x 6,3” with 148 ppi on a 1280 x 800 resolution screen
  • The Fire HDX has two models:
    • The HDX 8.9’s dimensions are 9,1” x 6,2” with 339 ppi on a 2560 x 1600 resolution screen
    • The HDX 7’s dimensions are 7,3” x 5” with a 323 ppi on a 1920 x 1200 resolution screen

Depending on what’s comfortable or practical in your work or home setup, a particular size will most probably be one of your prime preference areas. If you want excellent graphics you’ll need to pick a tablet with high resolution and ppi.


If you’re going to carry your Kindle around with you, its weight plays a big role. Pick the one on this list that makes the most sense in your lifestyle:

This shows if you’re looking for a light model that won’t turn your handbag into a heavy burden, the HDX 7 is your ideal option.


Your Kindle’s battery life depends on how much you use it and for which tasks. Using applications that enable videos and music will devour much more power than purely reading.

The Kindle HDX does have a better processor and will give you up to 12 hours of service while the Kindle HD only offers eight.


You can use your Kindle to snap moments and make memories, but not if you have the Kindle HDX 7. This model doesn’t have the camera feature but all the others do.

What’s inside?

The models differ in the memory they are manufactured with and the processors and software they use:

  • The HDX models have 2GB RAM memory while the Kindle HD only has 1GB RAM.
  • The HD 8.9 model doesn’t have the Fire OS3 software of the other models.
  • The HDX models give better overall performance due to quad-core and graphics processors.

What makes these Kindles stand out from the crowd?

Kindle HD

Kindle Fire HDX


  • You can pick the casing’s color from a range of options such as Black, Magenta or Blue.
  • Create more storage space by inserting a microSD card which the Fire HDX model doesn’t support.
  • It’s more affordable than the Kindle HDX models.


  • The HD 8.9 model doesn’t feature the software of the other models.
  • Functioning isn’t as quick as the HDX models
  • Graphics quality is not as good as the HDX models

Kindle HDX

Kindle Fire HD vs HDX


  • It offers a longer battery life than the Fire HD models.
  • The HDX 8.9 model offers users the best pixel density. This is important if you’re planning on using your Kindle for files with detailed graphics such as videos.
  • The HDX models’ performance—overall as well as with graphics—is better due to the processors used in its design.


  • You can’t expand its storage space with additional microSD cards.
  • You’re only given one color option: black.
  • No camera function in the HDX 7 model


While there’s no outright winner in this competition amongst Kindles, there are specific differences that guides you in your decision. While the HDX models offer great options for users that desire detailed graphics, you can’t go wrong in choosing the Kindle Fire HD if you want a larger screen and expandable memory.

You also need to keep your budget in mind because the Kindle Fire HD offers great features at a decent price. Only if display quality is a high priority does the higher price tag of the Fire HDX make sense.

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  1. My 2014 Kindle Fire HDX 7” has a reverse camera which is difficult to use but once I got more acquainted with it, it was somewhat manageable. I love, Love my Kindle HDX as it is fast loading apps, changing apps and the charge lasts at least ten hours plus, between charges. Compared to my mom’s 2017- Kindle HD 8.5”, there is not comparison. The newer model is so slow, charging is so slow and the functions are so darn depressing. It keeps crashing in the middle of playing games, puzzles and loading a book to read is laborious! I should’ve had my mom send that darn 8.5” Kindle HD back as it is a piece of junk with a “J”!!!


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