Kindle Fire – What Does It Do?

The world of digital books has come a long way.

Amazon Fire, previously called Kindle Fire, offers you much more than just reading. While it’s unfair to compare Fire to high-end Android tablets or iPads, it gives regular tablets a serious run for their money.

Today, we’ll take a brief look at the overall functionality. This will be a general overview since we review all the Fire models here.


Let’s get straight down to business.

Kindle Fire As An E-Reader

Kindles were created first and foremost for reading.

The first two generations of Kindle Fire retained the Kindle prefix although it’s now known simply as Fire.

As with all Kindles, you’ll have access to an incredible selection of e-books.

You can use Amazon’s online store to download your content. Files work on any Kindle fuss-free. You can also load other e-books from your computer if they are first converted into MOBI files. We explore file functionality on Kindles here.

Although there’s an LCD screen in place of the classic E-Ink display on regular Kindles, reading is still more than acceptable on a Fire. There will always be some sacrifices when you increase overall functionality at the expense of a product’s core purpose. That said, we really can’t knock Fire if you like to curl up with a good book.

Kindle Fire For Music

Kindle Fires are a solid option if you love listening to music.

With Dolby Stereo Sound, you’ll get a serviceable sound without any distortion.

The drawback you experience is the limited amount of music you can choose from. Your Kindle Fire is connected to Amazon’s music library but not others such as iTunes.

You can work around this by uploading songs onto your device from your computer.

Kindle Fire For Videos

Beyond music, you can also consume all the visual media you want on your Fire. Whether you want movies and TV shows from Amazon’s own store or content from Netflix, Hulu Plus and iPlayer, the world’s your oyster here.

It would not be an understatement to suggest this is the driving reason for many people purchasing their Fire.

When combined with an Amazon Prime membership, choice is almost overwhelming.

Amazon developers have ensured the visual experience is top-notch by installing great graphics processors in the Fire range. With a backlight not available on straight-up Kindles, you can enjoy your programs in crisp definition.

Of course, the smaller screen is limiting but for travel purposes it’s more than sufficient. With all your entertainment on one device, you can’t ask for much more.

Kindle Fire Brings You Amazon Applications

Applications have become a central feature of our lives.

Whether it’s games for relaxation or apps for business purposes, it’s hard to conceive of an app-free existence these days.

Apps are widely used on mobile phones but your Kindle Fire can actually become your primary application platform.

Once again, you’re limited to applications from the Amazon store. You can’t just download any application you have on your SmartPhone or computer.

However, Amazon has put together a broad spread of applications. So, although you’ll be restricted, don’t think you’ll lose out app-wise with Fire.

Your Kindle Fire As Your Browser

The Internet is a fundamental part of lives today for both work and leisure.

A solid browser on an electronic device is key. Silk browser is effective and enables you to enjoy a far broader scope of functionality than you’ll get with a straight-up Kindle.

Kindle Fires Helping You Work

Your Kindle device may have been started as an entertainment device but it’s also great for work and study if properly harnessed.

Fire is ideal for safe document storage. While Amazon’s store is the most prominent place to download documents from, your Kindle Fire accepts documents from other sources as well. This includes…

  • Downloading documents such as PDFs from your computer via a USB cable
  • Receiving documents by email and storing attachments on the device. Your Kindle has an email address which can be found through the Amazon website. You can email work or study documents such as PDFs to this address and easily carry it around for safekeeping or for referencing when needed instead of carrying a whole laptop. While very limited editing features are available it can still help you when you simply need to view documents during meetings

Is Kindle Fire A Serious Tablet Rival?

The Kindle Fire is a great invention that supports many activities for both work and play.

If you want access to your library of e-books alongside an Internet-enabled device, Fire makes perfect sense.

Not only is Fire a multi-purpose tablet, it’s extremely affordable into the bargain.

In the interests of fairness, you need to set Fire against lower-end tablets rather than expecting it to perform in the same way as an iPad Air or a high-end Android alternative. Taking this into account, Fire certainly holds up to comparable tablets.


With so many Fire models at your disposal, there really is something for everyone.

Check out our detailed breakdowns of all the various Fires for a more in-depth look.

Get in touch any time at all. We welcome all queries and feedback and we’ll help out in any way we can.

Now grab your Fire and relax!

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  1. My high end samsung tablet is crapping out and I am seriously looking at the Fire 8. I need it for online searching, e-reading in color, (art books) and news and magazine reading. Are there apps for Skillshare and Creativebug? Or would I access those just thru the web? And one last thing, if I found an image online, can i download that to access when not on wifi?

    Thanks for that.


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