Kindle Fire – What does it do?

The world of digital books has come a long way. While people are still debating whether an electronic version of a book is a good idea—many people believe it puts too much strain on your eyes—the designers at Amazon simply kept on creating. In 2011 they released the Kindle Fire.

This tablet didn’t stop at offering user’s books to read. The level of entertainment increased and its value for other tasks apart from reading made it an immediate favorite among users. And it still is a favorite.

If you want to get the most out of your Kindle Fire you need to know about all the features or you might miss out on some great experiences. So, let’s walk you through it.

Kindle Fire as a book

Kindles were created first and foremost for reading. Therefore this aspect of your Kindle offers exemplary features. First of all the range of books you can download covers almost every genre, author and subject.

Books are easily accessible via Amazon’s online store and the company makes sure the files work on any one of the Kindles in existence currently. After downloading your new book you can take it with you wherever you go.

You can also load other e-books from your computer if they were converted into MOBI files.

Kindle Fire for music

The Kindle Fires are great for listening to music. This means your books as well as music travel with you. The Kindle Fire’s Dolby Stereo Sound offers quality music so you can be sure of enjoying your favourite songs without distortion.

The drawback you experience is the limited amount of music you can choose from. Your Kindle Fire is connected to Amazon’s music library but not others such as iTunes.

Depending on your preferences you may find this disconcerting unless you upload additional songs onto your device from your computer.

Kindle Fire for videos

Going even further than music, Amazon offers Kindle users the luxury of watching programs and movies downloaded from various sources. These include Amazon’s own store as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus and similar applications.

The Amazon developers put in the effort to make sure the visual experience is up to standard by installing great graphics processors in the Kindles. With a backlight—which isn’t available in the earlier Kindles focused on reading—you’re assured of great graphics and an exceptional visual experience.

Of course the smaller screen—compared to your TV or bigger tablets—is not ideal, but for travel purposes it’s more than sufficient and you have all your entertainment kept on one device.

Kindle Fire brings you Amazon applications

Applications have become features of our lives we don’t want to live without. Games fill up our hours of relaxation and applications even help you organise your life via to do lists and reminders. These are widely used on mobile phones but your Kindle Fire can actually become your application platform.

Once again you’re limited to applications featured on Amazon’s store. You can’t simply download any application you have on your SmartPhone or computer.

However Amazon has done its homework to put together an adequate amount and range of applications. This includes most of the popular games so users aren’t left without their favorite activities.

Your Kindle Fire as your browser

Society spends a lot of time on the internet. This is for work as well as play because so many businesses are evolving to have an online version of their shop or service.

This makes a browser a necessity on electronic devices. Luckily Amazon included this as one of the features on your Kindle Fire so your entertainment and online browsing can happen on one device.

Your Kindle Fire uses Silk Browser to help you navigate online. Amazon created a quick browser experience which is on par with most other tablets. The decision you’ll have to make is whether the slightly smaller screen—compared to some tablets—is adequate for you personally.

Kindle Fires helps you work

Your Kindle device may have been started as an entertainment device but it can definitely benefit your work or study experience when used correctly. Firstly your tablet can be used for information gathering when used as your browser, as discussed in the previous paragraph.

Secondly your Kindle Fire is ideal for storing documents safely. While Amazon’s store is the most prominent place to download documents from, your Kindle Fire accepts documents from other sources as well. This includes:

  • Downloading documents such as PDF’s from your computer via hard wire connections. This simply means you need to connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Receiving documents via an email and storing the attachments on the device. Your Kindle has an email address which can be found through the Amazon website. You can email work or study documents such as PDF’s to this address and easily carry it around for safekeeping or for referencing when needed instead of carrying a whole laptop. While very limited editing features are available it can still assist you when you simply need to view documents during meetings.

Is a Kindle Fire a better option than a tablet?

The Kindle Fire is a great invention that supports many activities whether for work or play. Its main benefit is the availability of a vast array of books for your reading pleasure. The other entertainment functions are done as easily—and in some cases better—by your phone, tablet or iPad.

If it’s beneficial to have books and the other Kindle Fire feature on one device, this gadget is definitely a great asset to your life. The affordable price tag is of course a benefit, because you gain many features without great expense.


Your Kindle Fire will fill up hours of your day whether you’re in work mode or relaxing. The Kindle Fire range offers you many sizes to choose from so you can find one that fits your lifestyle and handbag.

Its many features shifts it from electronic reader to life companion. Because of its affordability it’s truly a good option for your shelf and briefcase.

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