Kindle DX Review – Updated September 2016

Amazon has released brand new Kindle models in mid 2016.  Check out the basic Kindle here and the new Paperwhite and other versions here.

We highly recommend you purchase one of the newer devices to get full warranty coverage.  Otherwise, continue on to read our review of the Kindle DX.

Sadly, The Kindle DX has been discontinued and there is no direct replacement of this device.  If you are looking for a Kindle DX and really would like the large 9.7″ screen, you can purchase used ones on Amazon here.  Read the descriptions carefully as you want to make sure you are not purchasing a heavily used or handled device as they come without a warranty.DX

Kindle DX Overview

The Kindle DX was one of the largest e-reader devices when it was released and even in 2016, there are very few e-readers that have come out since then that have as large of a screen.  At 9.7 inches, you can compare the Kindle DX to an iPad or other such tablet.  Furthermore, with free 3G connectivity in over 100 countries around the world, it was perfect for business professionals or heavy readers who wanted a large screen.

Kindle DX Technical Specifications

For those users looking for the technical specs of the Kindle DX as compared to the new Basic Kindle, please see table below:

Display TechnologyE InkE Ink Pearl (No Built in Light)
Resolution/Pixel density1200 x 824167 Pixels per inch
Connectivity3G + Wi-FiWi-Fi only
Dimension7.2" x 10.4" x 0.4"6.3" x 4.5" x 0.36"
Weight1.1 LB (3G+Wi-Fi)5.7 oz
Battery life8 weeks wireless off and 4 hours on4 weeks wireless off
InterfaceKeyboard & Buttons Touchscreen
Screen Size9.7 inch glare free 6 inch glare free

The DX, when new, came with a USB cable and AC charger, but no case or cover.  You will almost certainly want to get a case as you will need the protection for such a large device.  Many cases are available here on Amazon that add minimal weight.

Kindle DX Navigation and Use

The Kindle DX has a built-in QWERTY keyboard for searching and notation which is unlike the current Kindle devices you can buy now.  Today’s Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite all have touchscreen input.  For those users who are still interested in having a physical keyboard, the DX was a great fit.  At the time of Kindle DX, a touchscreen e-reader by Sony reduced clarity significantly so that is why Amazon may have stuck with the physical keyboard in this case.

With the DX, you can sync the device to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to share parts of a book with your friends and followers.  Navigation is done using the thumb stick and the page buttons – forward/back, menu, back, and home buttons – which are along the screen’s right edge.  Some people (especially older folks) prefer the physical touch of a button and responsiveness compared to a touchscreen.  Furthermore, they will enjoy the larger screen size which makes it easier on the eyes in case text needs to be zoomed in upon.

Kindle DX Battery Life & Storage

Battery life is significantly less than current 2016 model Kindles but is still quite good.  If Wi-Fi is turned off, the DX will last about 3 weeks which is still plenty of time for most users.  With Wi-Fi turned on, however, the battery life is significantly shorter at just 4.5 hours.  This is unlike current Kindles which offer days and weeks of charge.

Storage is also significantly less than current models but may be enough for most users.  The DX has 4GB of internal storage and you can also store your data in Amazon’s free unlimited cloud storage which solves this problem.  No internal storage options are available for expansion on the DX.

Kindle DX Handling & Everyday Use

Our biggest problem with the Kindle DX is that it takes both hands to use.  The screen is large, but you certainly pay a price for it.  I prefer to use my e-reader at various times including while I am eating, drinking, or even cooking.  With the current models being smaller and easier to use with one hand, the DX is impossible to use in those situations.  Therefore, the DX is only recommended for users who are completely dedicated time to reading and doing nothing else.  If you are doing that quite often, you will love the larger screen.


Kindle DX Overall recommendation

Overall, we recommend the DX only for users who are desperate for a larger screen and physical controls.  The truth is that the Kindle DX is for the person who wants a large display that allows you to see more text on a single page or if the user wants to increase the size of the font and still be able to actually read!  Textbooks, newspapers, and magazines that have a lot of images and content will also be more friendly on the DX.

Otherwise, for almost every use, we recommend either the Basic Kindle or Paperwhite.  If you are willing to spend the $250 plus that people are currently asking for the DX, we recommend you go with the Oasis for the best experience you can possibly get now.

You can purchase the DX, the Basic Kindle, and the Paperwhite here on Amazon.

Click here to see our reviews of Basic Kindle and Paperwhite.

Updated August 24, 2016

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M Riley
M Riley

It’s late to begin this discussion of the DX, but I have to say that I bought it so that I could read pdf documents, mostly from JSTOR (I’m an academic). To do this I need a big screen; a pdf on a 6 or 7 inch tablet is unreadable. The DX is wonderful for this job. I can download and transfer pdf’s and carry them with me. Very convenient. If my DX dies, I’ll have to buy another one. Amazon is missing a (small) bet by not having this in their lineup.


I bought mine a few months after launch and have tested newer kindle devices since, none would make me ditch it. It’s quite slow for todays standards and since wikipedia switched to https the online part has become less attractive to me but the audible support, good TTS and excellent screen still makes this my favourite reader by far!!