How Good is Kindle Newsstand?

Do you read magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions from your tablet or e-reader? If so, you’ll love Kindle Newsstand. The collections and subscriptions available are impressive. The best of its kind! All your subscriptions from Kindle Newsstand are auto-delivered to your Kindle device whenever available.



You’ll almost find every popular magazines, journals and newspapers from across the globe. Popular magazines we see here includes U.S Weekly, Cosmopolitan, OK!, Star, EatingWell, More, Elle, Rolling Stone, Country Sampler, Traditional Home, Reader’s Digest, New York Magazine, and many more. The list is long and impressive. It is very much a shopper’s stop for reading your favorite magazines without ever having to visit a real Newsstand again. Moreover, if you have a good device such as Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 or an iPad the image quality is superb and vivid.

If you own a dedicated e-reader like Kindle 2014 Paperwhite it is not ideal to read pictorial magazines or journals. The display screen is only available in greyscale.


Some magazines are expensive but certainly much cheaper than paper print version. Hence, you will save money to subscribe more magazines.

Kindle Newsstand have two categories – Kindle Magazines and Kindle Newspapers. When you visit Kindle Newsstand you’ll like to sort things by categories to shop unless you specifically have a magazine or newspaper in mind to subscribe. It is easy to find your needs.

Under the Kindle Magazines category we have sub-categories of Arts & Entertainment, Business and Investing, Internet and Technology, Lifestyle and Culture, and News Politics and Opinion. Then, under the Kindle Newspapers category you can sort your newspaper under the categories of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Unlike magazines you won’t find much national newspapers at Kindle Newsstand. The participation from local and National newspaper is limited. In fact, you’ll find only 18 countries newspapers available at Kindle Newsstand. These are most likely popular national newspaper of the respective countries.



How Good is Kindle Newsstand?
Article Name
How Good is Kindle Newsstand?
Amazon’s Kindle Newsstand is a complete Newsstand. You have almost all the most popular magazines from across the world including top leading National Newspapers from every continent.

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Can i get new idea and womens day to down load on my amazon Kindle.

Dianne ODonnell

Can I get the new idea and the women’s weekly to my kindle ereader