Comparing Kindle Paperwhite 3G Vs WiFi Before Buying

Kindle Paperwhite WI-Fi version is cheaper than the 3G version. So, if someone is not so techie they easily pick the cheaper version. Of course there are no differences in features; neither would there be any difference in user reading experience. When you compare Kindle Paperwhite 3G Vs WiFi the primary difference is the method of connectivity.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3G version will have both Wi-Fi and 3G (3rd Generation) connectivity, whereas Wi-Fi version will have only Wi-Fi Connectivity. Let’s find out whether kindle Paperwhite 3G or WiFi is a better choice for you.

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Choosing Kindle Paperwhite 3G version

The 3G connectivity works just like your mobile phone network. You’ll have network access almost anywhere, where there is civilization. This is not limited to your country. Amazon has tied up with major network companies across the world. The 3G wireless coverage for Kindle is available over 100 countries and territories.

This means you can download books or access internet anytime on the go straight from your Kindle device. You don’t have to trouble yourself looking for Wi-Fi hotspots. Kindle 3G wireless connectivity is free with no monthly fees or any other commitments. However, when you are abroad additional charges may apply for wireless delivery of your orders or downloads.

As you can guess, 3G version is ideal for people who live in the countryside or for those who travel frequently. People who live in the countryside may not get high speed internet at home easily, such as DSL or ADSL connection. Moreover, it is a pain to locate Wi-Fi hotspots when you’re away from home or work even in big cities. It is much more convenient to have the ability to download books or periodicals on the go. If you share the same concern pick Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

Choosing Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi Only Version

Before we get into some details of Kindle Wi-Fi version, take note that you can read books which are already downloaded on your device without the need for internet access. You need internet access only when you want to access internet or download books.

The Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi only version works where you have Wi-Fi set up and hotspots available. This means you need Wi-Fi hotspots to access internet. The Wi-Fi version is suitable if you have hotspots easily available or you have Wi-Fi set up at home. This version is much cheaper, approximately 33% cheaper. So, if you can live without 3G convenience the Wi-Fi version may work out well for you. However, setting up wireless router can be tricky at times especially if you’re not so techie. It’s a lot easier to access internet via 3G connectivity. With that said i encourage you to read Kindle Paperwhite review to understand the device better.

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12 thoughts on “Comparing Kindle Paperwhite 3G Vs WiFi Before Buying”

  1. I have just purchased a kindle paper white from the Spanish Amazon site and would like to know if I will be able to change the language to english

  2. Thank you so much for this review! It truly helped me decide which kindle paperwhite is for me…which I am going to gun for the 3G. Why not go for the best right? lol By the way if you scroll to the top of your title you will see you misspelled paperwhite in the blue heading. No disrespect sent your way at all. Great job on the letter Joe Walsh! Keep up the great work!

  3. You answered my biggest question which was do I need internet access to read already downloaded material. You totally rock, thank you

  4. Thank you so much for clarifying the difference in the two. I was really torn between the two, thinking that the higher price meant “better”. The 3G really would not benefit me at this point. I will opt for the Wi-Fi, being that I live in the states and in the city. Hotspots are everywhere and I have Wi-Fi at home. With the money that I will save, I am going to buy a really nice case. Thank you again ?

  5. I don’t have DSL at my home, but I do have an LG Android phone with a Kindle app that I use to buy and read books using 3G. If I bought the wifi only Kindle reader would I be able to transfer books from my phone to the Kindle using a USB cable?

    Also, does the free wifi you get at McDonalds provide enough bandwidth to download Kindle books?


    • I had to upgrade my cellular service to provide 4g wifi network on my phone and follow the setup which gives you access to working network from your phone. Then you can connect any device that has wifi capability through your phone.

  6. What if i buy kindle with 3G from amazon US Website and i use the kindle in indonesia (since i live in indonesia)? Does it mean i’m considered as being abroad and get charged for downloading books or accessing internet?

    • They state additional charges (for roaming) will apply. Only free in the US. I’m sure this is true if purchased in another country and they come to the US. I would contact Amazon Customer Service regarding purchasing this this product through Amazon US when you live and intend to use in another country how this would work out because I think if you technically buy it in the US site, those rules will apply. Might be better to buy in your home country, first if that is where you are going to use it the most.

  7. I think most people have a smartphone today, if you don’t this is not for you. If you do have a smartphone, you can use it as a wifi hotspot with while the phone connects with 3G or 4G. It is not free though, but I doubt it even costs 5 cents to download a book. When I travel in South East Asia, I pick up a local unregistered prepaid card for around 1 dollar (I also have a pocket wi fi, which is using a sim card and 3G or 4G and gives wi fi signal) and it usually comes with 150-300 MB free data, after that it is about a dollar for 1gb of data. A while ago I’d go for the 3G Kindle just because. But with 8/32 GB of storage, I doub’t I’ll be in desperate need for a new book. Probably room for a ..few months worth of reading on it.


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