The Perks of Owning a Kindle Reader

More and more book lovers continue to embrace the versatility of e-readers. Among these devices, Kindle sis the standout favorite. Kindle lovers are increasing in number from all walks of life. It’s not just young, tech-savvy readers with a passion … Read more

Kindle Convert: A Great Idea with Sloppy Performance

Have you ever yearned to be able to read scanned books on your¬†Kindle? When Amazon released their Kindle Convert back in February 2016, many readers were jubilant. We glanced through all of the supported features and we were happy with … Read more

Is the Kindle Friendly Enough for the Elderly?

I still remember how my grandma fell in love with the Kindle last winter. It was December and I was visiting home for Christmas. She is 68 and staunchly proud of everything that is old, definitely books too. She is … Read more

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