Best All-New Kindle Paperwhite Case Covers

A special protective case to protect your all-new Kindle Paperwhite makes all the difference.

If you travel frequently, adding a case prevents your Paperwhite from being battered or damaged if dropped.

Many users of the Kindle Paperwhite claim the covers they have purchased have fallen apart at the joints, do not close properly, and even cause damage to the screen and battery. Kindke Paperwhite is one of the favorite digital readers to date and protecting its screen and body is essential to retain the superior reading experience this gadget offers.

Many readers find it hard to get perfect case covers since choosing the best among the available options is not an easy task. Given the fact that there are countless products, offering competent prices and features need a lot of research before buying. It is also difficult to get genuine deals when many fakes are available today with high price tags.

To give you a general idea, an ideal case cover should be light in weight, have a sturdy body, should be resistant to moisture and water, must make the gadget useful in any weather condition, have a strong magnet, must support different models, durable and economical in the end.

The covers shortlisted here in this guide are compatible with most of the Kindle Paperwhite models and all of them have all the basic characteristics of a good quality case cover along with some unique and distinctive features.

Kindle Case Covers Comparison Chart

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,Fintie SmartShell Case,Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case,MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite,Omoton Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover

Star Rating,4-5 star 89%,4-5 star 94%,4-5 star 87%,4-5 star 95%
Shipping,Free shipping,Free shipping,Free shipping,Free shipping
Weight,6.4 ounces,5.6 ounces,4.2 ounces,3.2 ounces
Material Type (outer),PU Leather,Natural Leather,PU leather,PU leather
Color,Black,Onyx Black,A-Black,Textured Black
Auto sleep/wake,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes
Compatible with,2012 2013 2015 and 2016 models,All Kindle Paperwhite generations,2012 2013 2015 2016 2017 and 2018 models,2012 2013 2015 and 2016 models

Fintie SmartShell Case

For all the protection needs of your Kindle Paperwhite, Fintie SmartShell Case is the ultra-slim cover with high strength and durability. It is available at a reasonable price that beats most of the highly priced flagship covers in quality. If you want to add some style to your Paperwhite, you can select from a 44 number of vibrant colors. The Fintie SmartShell Case works well with most of the older and latest Kindle Paperwhites.


Fits any Kindle Paperwhite
These cases are made to fit on any model of Paperwhites, whether it’s a 2012 version or a latest all-new waterproof version. it is neither small nor oversize if compared with Paperwhite’s front and back surfaces. The case fits easily without damaging or scratching the screen. Its design is accurate and fit for the recommended models.
Superb Finish
Fintie SmartShell Case cover is all-weather resistant. Its shape is not affected by any kind of extreme temperature. This robust cover is made from high-quality PU leather reinforced with additional plexiglass layer. The inner layer is made from soft microfiber to give a smooth scratch-less finish. Kindle Paperwhites protected with this case cover are distinctively noticeable due to their unique and innovative craftsmanship and design.
Comfortable handling
Being ergonomically design, this superb cover from Fintie is ultra light in weight and thickness. You can hold the Kindle reader for a longer period of time without the risk of slipping it off your hands. The inner magnetic strip keeps the cover fixed while you carry it anywhere. If your reader falls accidently it will hardly cause any damage except being covered with some dust. You can wipe it clean with a soft cloth and it is as good as new.
Auto wake/sleep
The best feature is that you don’t need to switch on/off your Kindle Paperwhite manually. The well thought feature will automatically turn your gadget to sleep mode once you call it a day and close the cover. It will turn ON, the moment you open the cover.
Range of colors to choose from with economical price tag
The Fintie Kindle Paperwhite has a wide range of shades to choose from to match your style. It is far more economical and convenient to use than the expensive covers offered by competitors.


The cover works well with all Kindle Paperwhites except Kindle Voyage and Kindle 8th generation. Being one of the slimmest covers, you need to be extra careful since it may crack if dropped on a rough surface.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case is outstanding if you are looking for a strong and dependable case cover. The premium leather provides a rugged surface fit for any kind of rough usage. It is sleek, lightweight, handy and excellent in design. 90 percent of the Amazon buyers expressed their satisfaction with the durability and ease of handling when they secure their Kindle Paperwhite with this sturdy leather case. If you want style, tensile and tough case, then this is a perfect choice for you. Here are some of the exceptional features of Kindle Paperwhite leather case by Amazon.


Super Strong
Whether you are a seasoned Kindle user or just a newbie, this case cover will surprise you with its strength It goes a long way with your gadget. The case cover from Amazon is made from genuine and smooth leather to protect it from external damage. The super soft foam filled interior keeps the screen safe from scratches while carrying it in your backpack or luggage.
Odorless surface
Getting a leather case cover have a risk of the unpleasant odor as expected in leather products. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case is made from weathered original leather so that you won’t have to bear any unpleasant whiff. It does not emit any foul smell, unlike inferior quality leather case covers. You will love to keep on reading, giving you an excellent reading experience.
Secure clasp for extended protection
The magnetic clasp works perfectly and does not open easily. It keeps intact even if Kindle Paperwhite drops accidently thus saving your precious Kindle Paperwhite from any subsequent damage.
Controls wake/sleep mode
This smart case cover gives you complete control on your kindle Paperwhite by making it switch to sleep mode or wake it up with closing and opening of the flap. It is so easy that you will not feel tired to catch the reading where you left earlier.
Flexible case
The covers which are available in 6 fun colors can be folded back letting you hold the Kindle Paperwhite with single hand conveniently.


The case from Amazon is not meant for Kindle or Kindle Touch. Some users have pointed that the design is too simple.

MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite

If you have been forced to buy a cheap Kindle case cover due to a limited budget, you know what you had gone through. Such cases are warped and brittle and cause damage to your valuable Kindle Paperwhite. After fiddling with other Kindle case covers, you will be glad to get a high-quality Leather case cover from MoKo. With the most satisfying experience, you will never give another look to other case covers. Here are the reasons for such a shift in preference.


High Quality
Like all the Moko Kindle cases, this PU leather cover rates very high on quality, strength, durability and ease of carrying.
Designed specifically for Paperwhites, this case cover from Moko is flexible and folds securely. You can use it with either hand, an expected and core feature needed in a good case cover.
Fine and well-bonded layers
The external layer of the case is textured giving it classy looks and style. It is a good feature to make it anti-slip allowing a firm grip on Kindle Paperwhite. The internal layer is the soft microfiber to protect the screen against scratches and rough handling.
Tailored design
The case has been customized to use with Kindle Paperwhites in such a way that you can easily connect it for USB charging. The flashing indicator remains visible for monitoring charging process.
Automatic wake-up/sleep
The magnetic flap keeps the case closed while acting as the power button. The moment you close the flap, your Kindle Paperwhite will be powered off. The device can be powered on automatically by opening the flap.
This durable case from Moko is known for functionality and style. The case is compatible to use with all 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Paperwhite versions.
Lifetime warranty
This superb leather case from Moko is available in as many as 43 different colors to choose from. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Moko customer care is quick in response and provides a hassle-free return od the product if needed.


The Moko leather case does NOT fit Kindle 2016 Release (8th Gen), Kindle 2014 (7th Generation) and Kindle Fire Tablets tablets.

OMOTON Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover

The Kindle case cover from Omoton is a strong and flexible cover which ensures to give you a great handling experience. The looks may seem a bit simple, but after you hold it in hand you will feel the difference in the quality of the cover. Over 95% Amazon buyers have appreciated this case cover. Thanks to its fine quality and precise cuts, giving it sleek and smooth shapes on either side. If you are vying for a high precision and sturdy cover to protect your Kindle Paperwhite, then you must get this PU leather smart cover and know how a good case cover feels like.


Great Price
This case is appropriately priced, a great value for your money. If you are looking for lightweight yet a sturdy cover to protect your Kindle Paperwhite reader, then this is the most cost-effective choice for complete safety without adding bulk to the gadget. It delivers high quality, at low cost.
All-weather Design
Do you love to enjoy your favorite fiction with drinks? Omoton case is a perfect guard to fulfill such simple but relaxing desires. This case cover from Omoton is completely spill-proof. You can wipe it off easily without causing any leakage in the device. The outer layer of the case is textured making the chances of slipping the minimum.
Free of bends and folds
If you are frustrated with Kindle Paperwhite case covers that bend at corners or shows cracks after a few weeks of use, then your troubles are over with the Omoton Paperwhite case cover.
Strong layers
Unlike thick paper layers used to make case covers by many manufacturers, Omoton uses a high-quality plexiglass layer as the inner layer. It is capable of providing long lasting protection to your Kindle device. Due to this layer, the case is able to retain its sleek shape even after rough handling.
Hinge-less Design
Omoton case cover is equipped with magnetic clasp and a hinge-free body that makes sure the case cover is tightly closed. It securely prevents any damage to the screen after any accidental fall.
Auto sleep/wake up
The case cover features auto-sleep and wakes up whenever the cover closes or open thus enhancing the battery life of Kindle device.


Although the Cover Case fits best on 2012, 2013, 2014 and 6” HD display released Kindle Paperwhites in 2015, it does NOT fit on 7th gen 2014 released kindle and Kindle Voyage.

Final words

The best case cover is the one that provides convenient accessibility, is long lasting and offers ease of handling. The case cover options compared in this buying guide is meant to elaborate on some of the crucial features and limitations so that you can take a wise decision. You can visit Amazon to read the customer reviews and feedback to recheck on your choice of Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover.

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