Amazon Basic Kindle Review – Choosing Basic Over Advanced Kindles

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What we likeAmazon-kindle-basic-review

  • Small and light with the same great E Ink display and size (6 inch)
  • Very affordable
  • Access to Amazon’s massive selection of e-books

What we don’t like

  • Virtual keyboard is difficult to use and hence a bad idea if you take notes
  • No AC adapter included
  • No self-illumination like Paperwhite
  • No X-Ray

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Why would you choose the basic kindle over other advanced kindles? The basic Kindle also known as ‘Kindle 5’ is likely to woo many book lovers with improved display, price drop and great design. If you happen to read any basic Kindle review from real users, they are particularly happy with the great display screen and the lower price.

Let us see in details what Amazon has in store for us with their base model and why it is a favourite e-reader for many although it lack touch screen which is considered a must feature with portable devices these days. But then if you are familiar with Kindle 4 (2011) you’d find it pretty much the same.

Why Users Love Amazon Basic Kindle

Display kindle-2012-feature-notes

I had always been in love with E Ink from day one. It is so much easier to read compared to the most advanced LCD or LED displays, especially for long session reading. Though Sony’s Librie EBR-1000EP was the first e-book reader to incorporate E Ink display in 2004 it was not so popular until Amazon Kindle incorporated E Ink display and was first released in the late 2007.

Kindle 5 uses ‘E Ink Pearl’ display technology, the second generation of Electronic Ink. It has 167 PPI pixel density. This one is not as sharp as Kindle Paperwhite and its E Ink with 212 PPI (pixels per inch).

Nevertheless, Amazon claimed to have improvised the contrast with Kindle 5 and it uses hand built custom fonts to enhance reading experience. It would be difficult to make out these changes unless you do a side by side comparison. But these changes are definitely making Kindle a better device to read books. It makes letters look more crisp, clear and natural looking.

Also, according to Amazon the Kindle (2012) display turns pages faster by at least 15%. Page turns are faster with fewer flashes. With every E Ink readers you get what is called ‘ghosting’ of previous page and flashes as the screen reset. Now, ghosting is almost gone with less frequent flashes.

E Ink displays consume very less power and hence kindle works without charging for weeks. Tablets and Smartphone with LCD displays hardly work for 7 – 8 hours.

Most importantly, there is no glare with E Ink display and you can even read in the direct sunlight like real paper. There is almost zero eyestrain with all E Ink readers and the ‘primary reason’ why everyone prefer E Ink readers for extensive reading. Different basic Kindle review would present different views but everyone agrees that E Ink is what makes dedicated e-readers so popular.


The first think I noticed with Kindle 5 is the black case which was only available in silver grey with kindle 4. Black looks more elegant (at least to me). If you prefer it is available in grey color too.

This basic Kindle is the smallest and lightest Kindle. It weighs a mere 5.98 oz (170 gram) and measures 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.34″. Indeed it is very comfortable to hold and good for long form reading.

Though many would consider the lack of touch screen unattractive, yet some would argue it’s more user-friendly because you can place your fingers on the screen without the worry to accidentally turn pages as with Kindle Paperwhite. The page turning buttons on both sides of the Kindle and the 5-way controller is very responsive and easy to use.

The Unbeatable Amazon’s Ecosystemkindle2012-features

Kindle is not the only e-reader with E Ink that is available on the market. But it is the best selling e-reader on the market because it is a great device, and equally important it is the gateway to the massive selection of books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and games available on Amazon ecosystem.

The reason we want a dedicated e-reader is because we seriously want to read books. Otherwise, we’d just manage with our tablet or laptop. Amazon offers nearly 2 Million e-book titles and more than 180,000 exclusives. That is just wonderful for book lovers!

If you are an Amazon Prime Member you can borrow a book (over 200,000 titles) each month for free with no due date.

What’s more? You can lend or borrow books with other kindle users, check out the first chapter for free to help decide to buy, or borrow kindle books from your public libraries (over 11,000 libraries in the U.S).

You get free Kindle Apps for every major Smartphones, computers and tablets. This means you don’t even need to own a Kindle device to read Kindle books. With Amazon’s Whispersync technology, it will automatically save and synchronize your furthest page read, notes, bookmarks, and highlights across all devices with Kindle Apps.

If you prefer, you can send any web pages from either ‘Firefox’ or ‘Chrome’ browser to your Kindle or devices with Kindle Apps using ‘send to kindle’ plug-in.

Things we don’t like

Kindle 5’ display will not self illuminate in the dark like Kindle Paperwhite or LCD display. You need a reading light to read in the dark. Of course, you can always buy a good reading light or kindle cover with built-in light but that means extra cost and it’s often expensive if you want quality goods. Kindle cover with built-in light will draw its power from Kindle and depreciate the overall battery life. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan to read much at night or sleep alone (light up the room) it is not something to worry.

The lack of touch screen can be a bad experience under certain circumstances.  It is difficult to take notes or navigate extensively using the 5-way controller.

Kindle is very impressive and cheap too. But what the heck you’ll need to buy AC adapter separately, unless you have a spare or don’t have problem recharging from your laptop via USB cable included in the package.

Lastly, there is no X-Ray feature available with Paperwhite or Keyboard. This feature offers preloaded information about certain person, place, fictional characters, themes or ideas. This feature is though not available with every title and thus its absence may be ignored.

Overall Verdict

If you don’t take notes while reading, okay without touch screen or don’t need self illuminating display you are going to love this kindle for the price without the ads. It is absolutely a great e-reader if you want something basic to start your quest for reading.


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